Digital illusion king of the tribe | 2021 Blockchain Live Show is about to open


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The “King of Tribal City-2021 Blockchain Live Show” jointly produced by Winkrypto and ChainNews is scheduled to start on September 9, 2021.

When DeFi decentralized finance is constantly innovating the investment concepts of financial participants; when NFT becomes an important label for emerging artists to express themselves; when decision-making under the DAO governance model becomes more open and transparent, it is leading the reform of the economic system; when Yuan Universe and The entanglement of game concepts further broadens the space of science fiction. In the time that many people have not noticed, the various subdivisions of the encryption world are evolving rapidly, and they are rapidly merging with various industries.

If the Blockchain ten years ago was just a corner of the crypto geeks, after more than ten years of change and construction by thousands of practitioners, the blockchain has evolved into an ecosystem of considerable scale and “Tribal City” with a wide range of application scenarios.

However, in the sound of the bustling construction in the city and the gossip comments on the outskirts of the city, a series of cognitive barriers separate the traditional world from the tribal city. People outside the city are curious about what it is? What can it do? How will it knock on the door to the future? The people in the city are fully committed to the construction and firmly believe that it is the future, and the future lies in this city.

Therefore, we need a more straightforward and pure way to show everyone the panorama of the tribal city: what are the residents of this trillion-dollar city doing? Its infrastructure, its economic system, how its art and entertainment are constructed and how it will develop, whether it is the embryonic form of the future world, and what enlightenment it can bring to the real world, all require a more popular and intuitive answer.

On September 9, 2021, Winkrypto, a crypto world post-investment service company, will join the blockchain industry’s leading media ChainNews to launch the industry’s first blockchain industry scenario show “King of Tribal City-2021 Blockchain Live Show” Recording.

In this live broadcast event, we will:

Introducing XR technology immersive experience for the first time

In this event, personalized virtual scenes will be customized for different sessions and different speech topics. The real person appearance and the virtual scene are highly integrated. The speaker becomes the controller of the space dimension from the perspective of God, and the high-tech sense and three-dimensional realistic effect are the speakers and the viewers. Bring an immersive experience and present an immersive high-quality audio-visual feast for the audience.

30+ Tribal City evangelist video calling

30+ industry leaders from home and abroad, leading track projects, cutting-edge investment institutions, and top artists conducted joint recordings of pilot films, shared industry views, presented project advantages, and discussed the industry trend as the “2021 Blockchain Live Show” online Call.

50+ tribal city leader’s keynote speech

50+ leaders inside and outside the circle recorded 12 hours of concentrated recording, cross-border collisions of popular projects, hot topics, and sharp views, gathering industry top stream + traditional media to work together to detonate community topics…

6 Panoramic presentation of the theme of big tribes

“Multi-chain advancement-who is the king of the tribal city”

Entering 2021, the new generation of public chain competition has entered a fierce stage: a public chain is a traffic tribe, and the deployment of multiple chains has become one of the consensus of major projects to reach more user groups. Under the new competitive landscape of public chains, where are the future opportunities for public chains?

“Ecological Rise-Layer2 Who is the ultimate winner”

Expansion, low gas, high performance… As a Layer 2 network, Layer 2 pursues the ultimate in a certain aspect. From the early side chains, state channels, plasma, to Rollup, which is now trying to be applied, what kind of potential energy will Layer 2 burst?

“Vientiane Update-The Way of DeFi Innovation”

In the past year, ETH DeFi has set off a wave of decentralized finance, but it has entered a development bottleneck due to problems such as high latency, high gas fee, and high imitation. Under the mutual game of performance breakthrough model innovation, how will the development of DeFi take turns?

“Multiple Dreams-Can NFT Lead the Renaissance of Entertainment”

Beeple’s works were sold for 450 million RMB, which attracted countless artists eager to try, and NFT projects sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. With the interweaving of multiple concepts of art, digital, and encryption, can NFT lead the renaissance of entertainment?

“Digital Bridge-Blockchain Cross-Border Travel”

In the era of the Internet of Everything, the blockchain tribal city is not a “closed door”. Under the complementary needs of the tentative entry outside the city and the desire to break the game inside the city, how does the blockchain start a cross-border journey and infiltrate all aspects of real life?

“Capital Knight-How to Reconstruct the Industrial Blueprint”

Promoted by the continuous maturity of technology, the blockchain industry is at a critical stage from 2.0 to 3.0. Under the game of opportunity and supervision, which blockchain track can be favored by capital alone? What is the business logic behind it?

Digital illusion king of the tribe | 2021 Blockchain Live Show is about to open
As the first large-scale themed scene show in the blockchain industry in 2021, this scene show will be jointly broadcast on the three platforms of ChainNews, Interface News, and Tencent News, and will be simultaneously launched on Twitter and YouTube overseas platforms.

At the same time, we also cooperated with more than 20+ industry communities and media such as Zhenben Satoshi, Longkui Community, Sanyuan Community, Bihu, Mars Finance, Chaincatcher, and Deep Wave to promote diversified content, and industry leaders joined to create industry hotspots. event. This scene show will also cover dozens of high-quality traditional media, relying on the platform’s high-quality, multi-domain user reach, and build a bridge of communication between inside and outside the circle.

Here you will see the collision of virtual and reality, the decryption and reconstruction of the blockchain, the integration of traditional forces and new forces, and start a journey of creative and audiovisual interaction.

Build a communication bridge between the traditional industry and the blockchain industry, and outline the full picture and development prospects of the blockchain ecology at one time. On September 9, 2021, we invite you to Shanghai to co-star in the first real-world live show of China’s blockchain.

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