Mexico’s Three Richest People “Bitcoin New Gold… Absolutely Right”


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Lee Ji-eun] Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico, on Twitter on the 27th (local time) recommended Bitcoin as more valuable than fiat currency or gold.

According to Cointelegraph reports, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor tweeted, “If you want to preserve your fortune, I suggest you invest in Bitcoin.” Fliego replied, “Yes. Bitcoin is the new gold, but it is very portable. Moving Bitcoin is much easier than putting a gold bar in your pocket. I also know that my comments will be criticized by gold advocates.”

Sailor previously claimed in a video interview with Fliego that Bitcoin outperforms the U.S. dollar when it comes to wealth preservation. Fliego also expressed his optimism about Bitcoin on a number of platforms, including an interview with Cointelegraph earlier this year.

However, Fliego replied “I don’t know” to a Twitter question asking if Mexico could become a fiat after El Salvador.

Bitcoin is becoming El Salvador’s fiat currency, and Paraguay is also raising voices about its usage.

However, the debate between Bitcoin and gold is still hot.

Peter Schiff, the most famous gold believer on Twitter, is accusing Bitcoin of being far inferior to gold. In one of two tweets on the 25th, he said, “People who bought bitcoin below the last drop below $30,000 won’t buy it next time,” he said. So, you won’t be able to see this in the next drop. New buyers will show up at $20,000, but less than those who bought at $30,000.”

Experts acknowledged that the price is likely to drop below $20,000. But this weekend, after a refresh, Bitcoin was back at $30,000.

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