SuperRare airdrop feast: Someone received tokens worth over 4 million US dollars


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Ten addresses received millions of SuperRare airdrop tokens.

Original title: “The SuperRare airdrop valued at more than 4 million US dollars was received, and I am sour.”
Written by: Porridge overnight

Today, the crypto art curation platform SuperRare announced the launch of SuperRare DAO and airdropped its governance token $RARE to its early users, which made it a short-lived focus in the NFT market.

It is reported that the purpose of SuperRare’s launch of governance tokens is to gradually transfer the ownership and management rights of the network to the community. Looking ahead, RARE tokens will also be used for matters such as grants to the SuperRare ecosystem and curatorial rewards.

RARE holders will use a decentralized organization to guide market parameters, curatorial activities, and a new community financial treasury, and all the fees earned by SuperRare will be deposited into this financial treasury.

Two or three things about SuperRare airdrop

It is reported that the SuperRare project team has carried out a retrospective airdrop for the community of artists and collectors on the platform. Specifically, this airdrop reserved 150 million RARE tokens (accounting for 15% of the total supply of 1 billion RARE tokens) for the old users of SuperRare.

SuperRare airdrop feast: Someone received tokens worth over 4 million US dollars

No wonder someone commented:

“Compared with market standards, SuperRare’s 15% supply of airdrops to early users is very large.”
So how much have these artists and collectors who received the airdrops gained?

According to data from etherscan, there are currently 2,866 RARE token holder addresses, of which the one with the most airdrops, 0x39cc9c86e67baf2129b80fe3414c397492ea8026, has received 4.43 million RARE tokens. Based on the current market price, the value of these airdrop tokens exceeds 4 million. Dollar.

Up to now, 10 addresses have received RARE airdrop tokens worth more than one million U.S. dollars, which is indeed enviable.

SuperRare airdrop feast: Someone received tokens worth over 4 million US dollars

Are there any big airdroppers who choose to drop their pockets after receiving huge rewards?

Nature is there, according to rchen8 statistical data shows , controlled by collectors maxstealth address has sold 535,000 RARE token, profit of more than $ 420,000, he is currently the largest cash SuperRare a big drop.

SuperRare airdrop feast: Someone received tokens worth over 4 million US dollars (Picture: From left to right are the address, address owner, the number of tokens sold and the amount of profit)

Is the tide of token issuance on the NFT platform coming?

From Rarible to SuperRare, the NFT platform seems to have successively moved towards the path of issuing native platform governance tokens. So, the biggest question now is, will other cryptographic art platforms (such as OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, etc.) follow suit, and when will they follow suit?

At present, only the respective teams of these platforms can answer these questions with certainty, but this is indeed worth looking forward to.

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