Why do most NFT projects on Solana choose Arweave storage?


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In addition to Arweave’s high reputation in the Solana community, another driving factor is that Metaplex, the Solana ecological NFT casting platform, uses Arweave as the default storage method.

Original title: ” Why are Arweave and Solana linked together to become the winner of NFT Summer?
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Degenerate Ape Academ, Solana Monkey Business, Aurory, Sollamas, these are the most successful projects in the emerging Solana NFT ecosystem, and they all use Arweave.

Anyone who has followed the market recently will notice that the prices of Arweave and Solana fluctuate up and down, unlike other investment categories, which are generally less affected by Bitcoin. It is no coincidence that the momentum of one project is complementary to that of another—Arweave and Solana are closely connected.

First, Solana’s blockchain data is stored on Arweave through a bridge called SOLAR Bridge.

In July 2020, Solana announced the SOLAR project funded by Gitcoin on Medium. One month later, the Solarweave Bridge submitted by LoneRonin on GitHub was accepted and tested in production. By providing quick access to historical Solana data, Arweave eliminates the need for Solana validators to run entire nodes. Despite increasing demand, Arweave has played a key role in maintaining Solana’s high performance.

Solana’s low transaction fees, coupled with the ability to process approximately 65,000 transactions per second, make it a strong contender for Ethereum. Perhaps the only thing missing is mainstream adoption, but Solana is an emerging project that has not yet deeply embedded the encryption culture.

For NFT, Solana is cheaper, faster and more convenient. Like Ethereum, NFT assets are not stored on the chain. But for many Solana projects, Arweave is the default choice.

Why are there so many Solana NFTs stored on Arweave?

Part of the reason may be due to the above reasons, Arweave is well-known in the Solana community. However, it is certain that one of the driving factors is Metaplex.

Metaplex is a set of tools that allows creators to easily build Arweave-mintable NFTs on Solana and auction them using a customizable web front end. CryptoKickers is an example.

Metaplex’s default storage destination is Arweave, which is the obvious choice when auctioning extremely valuable assets. Therefore, when the JPEG hype spread to Solana, it also affected Arweave.

At this time, Arweave has become the first NFT storage layer choice of Beeple and JAY-Z, and people have realized this.

A feature that NFT developers often need is a way to upload assets in bulk with their respective metadata and capture the resulting URL. Metaplex’s Candy machine (command line tool) can easily complete tasks with a few commands, and provides a solana compatible that can be used to auction NFT smart contracts.

The simplicity of this approach has led projects such as Solana Monkey Business to use Arweave as the smart default.

As the main way to start the NFT project on Solana, we can be sure that: The more applications Solana sees in the NFT field, the more applications Arweave gets.

Since the release of Metaplex Candy Machine, the entire ecosystem has made great strides in using local tools to upload NFT assets in bulk to Arweave. This allows projects to freely choose the terminal chain they want to use to initiate and trade their NFT.

Josh Benaron’s arbundles document was released today and shows how easy it is to send a packet to Arweave and retrieve the transaction ID of each asset. It can also use arkb to enable binding.

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