Woo Won-sik “Opposite real estate tax relief, you shouldn’t tax cryptocurrency”‘


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In addition, Candidate Won-sik Woo, who was in the Democratic Party’s party presidential election, is giving a political opinion at a joint speech in the metropolitan area held at the Central Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 26th.

In addition, Rep. Woo Won-sik, who ran for the Democratic Party’s next party presidential election, said on the 27th that he was opposed to easing real estate-related taxes, such as the comprehensive real estate tax and possession tax. In addition, he expressed the position that the concept of cryptocurrency (virtual currency), which has recently been controversial, should be stipulated first and then taxed.

Rep. Woo Won-sik appeared on SBS’News Briefing of Joo Young-jin’ on the afternoon of that day and said, “I oppose real estate tax relief.”

The Democratic Party announced that it formed a special real estate committee after the defeat of the 4-7 re-election to check and supplement real estate measures such as tax reform and loosening regulations on loans.

The Democratic Party announced that it would open the first meeting of the Real Estate Special Commission on the same day and open all the possibilities, including raising the standard for imposing tax on the real estate, but Rep. Woo expressed the opposite position.

Rep. Woo said, “The biggest problem is the surge in real estate prices. We need to stabilize the real estate market, and this should serve as the basis for our policy. So, we came up with a 2·4 countermeasure.”

“There are some problems within that. I have to take a look at the points that greatly reduce the likelihood of young people buying a house by tightening the loan regulation altogether,” he said.

However, he emphasized that “going in a way that eases the taxation tax or greatly eases the ownership tax, I wonder if people who have multiple houses will give it out now.’Oh, I will cut the tax again in a little while. did.

Rep. Woo said, “I think the side effects need to be reviewed and supplemented, but we should not talk about it in a medium-sized rescue method, and we should create a comprehensive real estate countermeasure organization in which the party takes the initiative and discuss it sufficiently.”

In addition, he said that the party should take the lead in relations with the party office after becoming the party’s representative. He emphasized, “Even in time, we need to develop a relationship that has more leadership in the party,” he said. “The center of the party should be the party as well. It is the party where public sentiment gathers.”

He also said, “Over the same issue, what the bureaucracy sees and what the party members see is very different. In that sense, the party’s leadership should be a more guaranteed relationship now.”

To the point that the voices of some strong party members hinder free political activities, he replied, “I think that the party members should be able to send a text message saying that they should be active in order to converge with public sentiment.”

However, he added, “It is wrong to swear or express excessively. It is better to correct the excessive method.”


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