Meets PandaMultiverse Team “In an Infinite Multiverse, There is no such thing as Fiction.”


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1) PandaMultiverse can you tell us about your team and your experience in the cryptocurrency markets?

Most definitely! We are a dedicated, doxxed, professional team for the 1st time coming together on the same project. This is our first Launch as owners of a token, we have worked in the past on various teams helping with marketing, listings, and community leadership roles, but are finally fulfilling our dreams of running our own project. We have roles in various respected groups in the cryptocurrency market and figured it was time to pool all of our resources together and create something special.

2) What does PandaMultiverse about?

First and foremost PandaMultiverse is about its community and our dedication to lifting each other up and our Love for Pandas! Beyond that, we are a rewards token rewarding in 1% busd to our token holders, and 4% busd rewards to our token holders that also hold one of our bsc nfts (with the ability to bridge our others) We are a cross-chain nft platform, a FPS P2E Zombie Panda game that rewards in legendary nft pieces🔥, we’re also working in collaboration with other tokens in creating their nfts and bringing additional revenue back to PandaMultiverse along with exposure😎

3) Walk us through your tokenomics and structure.

2% LP
1% DEV

4) Could you tell us more about your marketing activities in the coming week?

Firstly, We just announced a new partnership! This week starts with our amazing AMA here in blockcast❤️ 1 hour ago we started a $50 buy-in contest that rewards in a collectors edition 8bit panda NFT🔥 (1per wallet, only 1500 total) In addition to that we are working with a highly recommended professional team to help us reach out to our Asian brothers and sisters all across the crypto space💪 They will also be helping us manage our ad campaigns and promotional products to make sure we get it all perfect👌 we’re continuously setting up new AMAs in the most reputable lounges, and will continue doing so to make sure everyone hears about the PandaMultiverse and all the great things we have to offer💪 Expect continued tweets from our supporters, and possibly a YouTube video or two😎

5) What about your technology and product development? What is next? Can you share your roadmap?

Our cross-chain NFT sales and the ability to bridge them definitely helps differentiate us from other standard projects. And our FPS P2E Zombie Pandas game is on a whole other level of professionalism 🔥
It is nothing short of amazing! A must-play for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike! Our game will incorporate branding and advertisements within it as if it is its own metaverse changing over time. One of our more ambitious goals we would like to bring to fruition ( your hearing it here first ) is we plan to have a PandaMultiverse NFT Temple within the TCG metaverse, more details coming soon, we can’t give everything at once😁 And of course our NFTs our hand-drawn masterpieces you can only get within the PandaMultiverse❤️

6) I see that you are both on the Solana Blockchain and BSC as well as ADA. What is the benefit to your user base and project in general?

We see all three chains having a tremendous amount of value, growth and holding their ground over the years to come. Each platform adds its own set of users and with the ability to bridge between chains it gives exposure to all sides for ongoing expansion.

7) The sale of NFTs seems to be the core revenue driver. How did the sale of your first 200 NFTs go so far? Where else can we see income flowing in the near future?

Great question, our first 250 NFTs on BSC sold out super quick, which left a lot of people wanting more. So we launched an additional 250 on BSC while waiting on our contract to be finished and those sold out even quicker! Leading up to the token launch we sold 550 nfts in total and were able to provide additional revenue for marketing and help with liquidity.

We are currently minting on SOL and are looking for an additional utility for our SOL holders to benefit without having to bridge back to bsc for rewards. And we have plans in the future to launch a small batch on Cardano as well😎 In addition to NFT sales, the PandaMultiverse will provide additional income streams via our P2E game where users can use in-game currency and other projects can pay to advertise in-game( 2 already on board), additionally we will have a line of custom clothing and one of a kind shoes to help bring marketing revenue to the project. Also, our NFT artist will be collaborating with other projects on their NFTs producing again additional income for PandaMultiverse😎

8) What is your listing roadmap like?

At the moment we have been mainly focused on the growth of our community and making sure our NFT sales went smooth. But we are now in the process of reaching out to a few different CEX inquiring about rates and deciding which ones will be the best fit for Pandas long term growth. Our listings will be strategic and only applied for the benefit of our holders.

9) We are based in Asia. Can I know what business and plans do you have in Asia?

Most definitely, our Asian community is of the utmost importance to us❤️ We share a love for Pandas and beautiful art, and are on a mission to help spread awareness any way we can! Part of the Proceeds from our NFT sales and P2E game will be going to the preservation of the Panda Species🐼❤️ We feel the Asian community will play a very important role in helping in the long term success of PandaMultiverse!

10) Leave us with one more piece of information or quote that you feel everyone should know about your project or a saying to help teach others?

We’re here to have a great time, trade beautiful art, build great relationships, help the Pandas, and help one another rise as high as the tallest bamboo!

“In an Infinite Multiverse, There is no Such Thing as Fiction.” – PandaMultiverse

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