Asia Blockchain Community to Host an AMA with Lithium on 30 July 2021 “Driving innovation in the early-crypto space”

Asia Blockchain Community to Host an AMA with Lithium on 30 July 2021 “Driving innovation in the early-crypto space”

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The Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” segment with Lithium on 30 July 2021, 8.00 pm GMT +8 on Telegram. Lithium’s mission is to drive innovation in the early-crypto space, giving their community a chance to see the upside.

Their incubator, launchpad and fund work in harmony to make sure the right amount of capital and support gets routed to the right projects, at the right time. All powered by the $EBSC token.

The project was born out of the need to address increasingly abundant, almost systemic, problems appearing across the early cryptocurrency space. With scams rampant and investors typically more fickle than in the traditional investing space, the conditions for optimal investment conditions on both sides of the fence were rapidly eroding. Trust from investors and belief from founders created hostile communities and sceptical teams, reducing advancement for legitimate teams across Web3.0.

They have adopted a 3-pronged approach to solving the problems experienced by both investors and developers within the space. Their Launchpad provides KYB’d, and thoroughly analysed projects headed by exceptional founding teams to investors looking to make early entries into exciting investments. This is coupled with their incubator, providing some projects access to its network of partners, assisting them with marketing, development, audits, branding and more. Finally, their revolutionary fund products offer retail and institutional investors alike the ability to diversify their portfolios through the means of fully managed investment products. Their directional funds are also used to invest in the incubated projects providing the investors in the fund 20-30% discounts on the typical IDO prices they access through the Launchpad.

B D, CEO of Lithium highlighted: “The team at Lithium is committed to restoring trust in the early crypto space whilst working tirelessly to direct capital from eager investors to projects that really solve a problem and generate real use case. Moonboys and meme coins do not need to apply here, we’re all about advancing the ecosystem for both investors and devs. The community we’ve built up are engaged, and eager to learn which is amazing! One of the best things is we’re still learning continuously and the conversations we have with our investors and founding teams provide us unrivalled insight every day.

The next 1-2 months are hugely exciting for Lithium. We have two LIVE operational funds which is just incredible, having raised well over $500,000 from our knowledgeable community in these two raises. Additionally, our Launchpad is scheduled to release in mid-August, bringing the first of our launch projects across BSC and Polygon to investors. The immediate and mid future is due to be extremely exciting across the Lithium ecosystem.”

Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) is a community that is based in Asia and run by volunteers. ABC knows the market very well and is backed by a panel of blockchain & crypto experts and influencers.

“Lithium combines a unique combination of investment vehicles to comprehensively diversify investors portfolios, giving choices and opportunities to direct their capital across arbitrage and directionally based managed opportunities as well as into exciting crypto startups at the earliest possible opportunity. This combination of investment dynamics also allows Lithium to further advance the early crypto space irrespective of the blockchain the projects we invest in operate on. Investors and Founders alike, Lithium represents early-stage crypto. This AMA session will benefit many of us who are in the space and need more resources to build their business.” John Kim, Editor, and curator for the AMA session added.

The AMA session will be conducted at You can find out more about Lithium at