Gaimin’s GRMX Sold Out within 15 minutes of IEO at Borabit

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Gaimin’s first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is completely sold out at the South Korea based Borabit Exchange on 7th September 2019. All 2,000,000 tokens were sold within 15 minutes.
Before the offering started, there were a lot of anticipation among the community members on Telegram and Kakao chat. There were more than 300 new private messages enquiring about the IEO sale and many of them are from South Korea, China and South East Asia according to the group administrator, Joann Park from
Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin stated “This is a good start for Gaimin to be able to sell all the allotment of 2,000,000 tokens for our first IEO. We have gained good traction and trust in the South Korea market. We are very thankful to our partners who helped us to achieve these results. Special thanks to David Kang, CEO of and his team who managed and marketed our IEO.”
IEOs, popularized by Binance, is much talked about in 2019 for the crypto market. Leaders such as OKex Jumpstart and Huobi Prime are doing their part to facilitate potential projects. Many industry players have stated that IEOs have reached its tail end and in fact not many crypto exchanges are accepting more IEOs at this current moment unless they are confident that the project is a good one.
Gaimin is the 8th IEO project that have completed its offerings at and David Kang is satisfied with the outcome. “My team has been very selective of the projects that come to us for IEO. Gaimin is the right choice for us and the South Korean community. I would love to have Gaimin officially list with us after their rounds of IEOs in other markets.”
Team Gaimin will have exciting plans ahead for the gaming and blockchain industry. For more information, visit
Borabit is known as the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange can trade not only Bitcoin and Ethereum through AI-based automatic trading system.
Gaimin’s platform is also based on AI-driven software that aggregates a gamer’s processing power, when not being used and therefore without affecting their gaming performance, to the Gaimin monetization network.
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