Shrew X Asia Blockchain Community: AMA on 26 July 2021 “Revolutionise SHopping REWards”

Shrew X Asia Blockchain Community: AMA on 26 July 2021 “Revolutionise SHopping REWards”

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Asia Blockchain Community will host an AMA, Ask Me Anything Session with Shrew on 26 July 2021, 8.00 pm on Telegram channel,

Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) is a community that is based in Asia and run by volunteers. ABC knows the market very well and is backed by a panel of blockchain & crypto experts and influencers.

“Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an emerging industry to spearhead the financial application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with a view of disrupting financial and mainstream intermediaries. One industry of enormous growth and potential is the retail rewards industry. In 2021, the market size is projected to be in excess of US$7 Billion and is expected to grow to over US$25 Billion by 2027. That is the kind of size and growth potential that Shrew wants to target! We are happy to host them to find out exactly how they are revolutionising the space.” Joann Park, Editor, commented.

Shrew stands for SHopping REWards and is aiming to revolutionize the reward points industry through the power of blockchain technology. Shrew’s mission is to create a universal rewards point that will remove the need for carrying multiple plastic reward cards for multiple stores. Shrew offers a single app and debit card that can be used globally to accumulate points across different retailers from around the world making retail reward points more rewarding. From the retailer’s perspective, Shrew also offers an affordable, easily accessible and secure rewards system compared to traditional rewards programmes.

As well as earning and spending SHREW, the seamlessly integrated app makes it easy to give gifts to family and friends by sending SHREW that can be spent globally across different stores. The trading feature on the app also lets you exchange your shopping points for fiat or cryptocurrency.

Arfy Shah Founder “The loyalty rewards market is one of the most entrenched and least technologically advanced sectors within traditional commerce. The industry here is rife with inefficiency, ineffectiveness and oftentimes disregard for customer benefits at the expense of the companies offering rewards. Along with the growth prospects, vast internet adoption and the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, we see an enormous opportunity to capture a significant share of the market. Our vision is to create the world’s largest loyalty rewards platform with a universal token that can be exchanged or used like any other currency. Democratize the reward points industry for all merchants and consumers”

With the Shrew app and debit card, you will be able to earn and spend SHREW from anywhere in the world. You will no longer need to carry multiple reward cards for multiple stores since Shrew will allow you to accumulate shopping points globally across a multitude of retailers. It will be easy for retailers to join the Shrew ecosystem since all they need is a POS terminal which the majority of retailers have anyway. To find out more about Shrew, visit