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Opinion: Negative interest rates are a catalyst for institutions to accept Bitcoin

Due to the generation of negative interest rates and people's consensus on the poor prospects of the US dollar, corporate finance departments began to...

The Layer 2 solution will be the catalyst for the explosion of derivatives DEX?

A derivative is a financial instrument whose value is linked to its underlying assets. Derivatives can be used as a means to obtain leveraged...

Digital reading of the cryptocurrency market: Is PayPal a catalyst for Bitcoin’s rise?

PayPal's cryptocurrency transaction volume is reflected through itBit, which recently increased from US$5.6 million per day to US$15.7 million, or even US$31 million on...

Cardano’s Catalyst reaches the Google Play Store

Charles Hoskinson's crypto project, Cardano, has recently launched its app Catalyst to Google Play Store. The community hopes that the app will help drive the...

Bitcoin Leaps $1,000 In A Single Day | Is PayPal The Catalyst For $20K?

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