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Ethereum Classic, VeChain, Bitcoin Price Analysis: 01 August

After months of apprehension, the crypto-market finally seems to be taking flight after Bitcoin surged over the past week, a surge that was replicated...

Algorand, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: 30 July

Bitcoin’s price over the past few days has seen some renewed bullish momentum, enabling the king coin to push past its resistance at around...

Bitcoin SV, Dash, Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: 28 July

Bitcoin has finally been able to go past the daunting $10,000 mark after months of speculation and anticipation. In the past 24-hours, many of...

EOS, BAT, Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: 26 July

EOS and Ethereum Classic were among the altcoins to profit from the appreciation in Bitcoin’s price a few days ago, a development that came...

Ethereum Classic’s Cohort III set to offer 50% support to female founders

ETC Labs intends to work with Pngme, Prescrypto, and OpenRelay in Cohort III. Pngme aims to help developers and financial institutions built financial products easily. Prescrypto...