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15,000 Bitcoin are Leaving Coinbase Each Week; Here’s What This Means

Bitcoin has been seeing massive Bitcoin outflows each week, which is a positive sign that points to underlying strength This has yet to be reflected...

DeFi has become the protagonist of the current market, and Polkadot complements each other

Yesterday, the market went out of a different trend as usual. Yesterday it rebounded during the day. At around 6 o'clock in the evening,...

Valuables: Each of your tweets can be turned into NFT

Author: 0x13 Did you know that your daily tweets can also be minted into NFT and traded? Recently, a project called Valuables has...

An article to understand the BCH hard fork and how each exchange responds

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will inevitably undergo a hard fork on November 15, 2020. The first signs of a fork appeared in late July...

New work by Yao Qian: Asset digitization and asset securitization complement each other

Yao Qian believes that asset digitization and asset securitization are complementary. At present, the application of trusted technologies such as blockchain is not widespread,...