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Why this is a ‘tremendously positive’ thing to have happened to Bitcoin

China may no longer be the hub of Bitcoin’s mining activity it once was, as several bitcoin mining farms in the country were shut...

Terra ecological stable coin UST has signs of de-anchorage. What happened?

The ultra-high volatility of LUNA in the recent market is the direct cause of UST's de-anchorship. Original title: "Why does UST deviate under the...

Ethereum 2.0 Prysm event review: What happened? What have you learned?

The root cause of the Ethereum 2.0 Prysm client accident is analyzed, and the issues that Ethereum 2.0 pledgers need to pay attention to...

The ETH market on Perpetual Protocol crashed during the weekend. What happened?

Nigel, the head of Perpetual Protocol China, explained the reason for the flash crash of the ETH contract to improve the plan. Author: Nigel,...

‘Chinese remittance rejection’ What happened to the banks?… ‘GIMP’ Soaring suspicion of bitcoin exchange

A warning was issued on the banknotes of Chinese bitcoins. Recently, as the price of bitcoin has risen sharply, cases suspected of being'fans'...
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