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17M Chinese tourists verify health using blockchain to visit Macau

Chinese nonprofit blockchain consortium FISCO BCOS reports that blockchain-based health records have successfully enabled China to resume mainland tourism to Macau. From May, Macau’s blockchain-powered...

Government investment firm develops blockchain health passport in Singapore

In a pandemic era of unprecedented health data collection and surveillance, Singapore is turning to blockchain technology for the infrastructure that can make it...

Bitcoin’s network health stalled, yet sentiment holds strong

The volatile crypto market has presented numerous opportunities for the traders to reap benefits and also suffer losses. However, the past week’s loss could...

Crypto meetups are dangerous to health and wealth, South Koreans warned

The government of South Korea has issued warnings to the public to avoid real life crypto meetups due to the “high risk” of catching...

Bitcoin’s network health lost 7 points…can DeFi do the trick?

Bitcoin has set on a rally with the beginning of the last month of the quarter. The largest asset’s price increased from $11,515 at...