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What is Konomi Network (KONO)? | #OKExplainer

OKEx has listed Konomi Network's native token, KONO. Konomi is a decentralized liquidity and money market protocol built on top of the...

What is Kine Protocol (KINE)? | #OKExplainer

OKEx has listed Kine Protocol's native token, KINE. Kine Protocol is a fast, new decentralized derivatives exchange built on Ethereum. Watch this...

What is Perpetual Protocol | #OKExplainer

OKEx has listed Perpetual Protocol's native token, PERP. Perpetual Protocol is a rising DeFi protocol that allows for the creation of perpetual...

What are USDTa & USDCa: USD-pegged stablecoins on Algorand blockchain | #OKExplainer

OKEx allows users to save on transaction fees and enjoy faster trading with the newly available stablecoins USDT and USDC on Algorand....

The NFT-art Boom | #OKExplainer

After the recent expensive sale in NBA Top Shot, it shocked the crypto space again when digital artist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple...