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Monero mining time travelers lizard people 2077 scaled

Monero-Mining Death Metal Band from 2077 Warns Humans on Lizard People Extinction Scheme

“Thank you for calling the Clinic of Advanced Biological Computing, this is Dr. Elliott Fisher.” So began the strangest conversation I’ve had as a journalist,...
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Google Ads is Failing to Protect People From Crypto Scams

Users of the Uniswap decentralized exchange could be at risk thanks to a new Google ad. "URGENT WARNING FOR ANYONE USING UNISWAP," crypto influencer and...

Mainstream People Coming to Bitcoin, Digital Assets Data CEO Says

Mike Alfred, CEO of analytics firm Digital Assets Data, described increased Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasm from the public amid flying prices. “We are seeing more signs...

More Than 1,000 People Could Access Twitter’s ‘God Mode’

More than 1,000 Twitter employees and contractors had access to the internal admin panel that enabled last week’s Twitter hack of 130 high profile...

The Most Unhealthy Of us on the Web This Decade

In the meantime, Facebook has been used again and again to spread mass disinformation, from hate speech that fueled the massacre of Rohingya muslims in Myanmar to WhatsApp propaganda that helped elected far-right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, to troll armies tasked with attacking the enemies of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump. In almost…
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