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Belarusian crypto exchange looks to Lithuania amid political turmoil

Amid the ongoing political unrest in Belarus, some local cryptocurrency-related companies are reportedly setting up backup offices in neighboring countries. Currency.com, a Minsk-headquartered crypto trading...

Global Banks Reportedly Limit Service in Hong Kong for Political Reasons

Major international banks like Credit Suisse and HSBC are reportedly scrutinizing their Hong Kong clients amid the ongoing protests over China-backed national security law. According...

Political Futures Markets Rank Biden’s Top Ten VP Picks

Real-Money Traders Price Possible Nominees By Probability ...

Political ‘fixer’ Bradley Tusk closes 2d fund on $70M

Tusk Venture Partners, the venture capital firm led by Bradley Tusk and managing partner Jordan Nof, has secured $70 million for its second flagship fund, the firm has confirmed to TechCrunch following a report by Fortune this morning. Fundraising for the effort began in January, when the pair filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities Exchange…