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Altcoins Signal Breakout | Are We Ready To Move Higher?

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Get ready, an Ethereum sell-off may be on its way

Ethereum’s price had sustained itself above the $320-level for a period of over 6 weeks. However, it dropped below $320 on 6 September, following...

Ethereum (ETH) price ready for recovery after a 30% drop

Ethereum price saw a strong surge in late August that took it nearly to $500 in early September. The surge stopped just as ETH hit...

Brazil’s central bank president says CBDC will be ready by 2022

Brazil Central Bank President, Roberto de Oliveira Campos Neto, announced that plans to have a digital currency by 2022. In an interview with Bloomberg...

Bank of England ready to discuss CBDC on tomorrow’s meeting

The Bank of England is attending a historic meeting tomorrow, alongside a few other banks. The main purpose of the meeting will be a cryptocurrency,...