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Bitcoin Dollar transaction fees hit record highs

BTC transaction fees surge in Bitcoin network hash rate plunge Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees measured in US dollars have reached a level...

Southampton FC Sign Record Sponsorship Deal with Performance-based Bitcoin Bonuses

English Premier League Football team Southampton FC has announced a 3-year extension with its main sponsorship partner The Coingaming Group. The deal is the...

Crypto traders on Robinhood reach record 9.5 million in Q1

Online brokerage Robinhood announced on Thursday that the number of users on its platform for the first quarter hit a record level of 9.5...

Argo Blockchain Record Sales… Chinese ‘Blood Coin’ accounts for 75% of production

With Argo Blockchain recording record sales, 75% of Bitcoin mining still occurs in China, where'bloody coins' are still made, Cointelegraph reported. Argo...

Miners are hoarding Bitcoin from record daily earnings

Bitcoin miners are stashing away their coins for higher prices, with direct transfers from miners to exchanges plummeting nearly 40% since mid-March. Data from on-chain...
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