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BIG DEFI CHAT with Tom Kysar (Augur) – Risks, Farming, Instability, ETH Scaling, Regulation,...

Today we are interviewing Tom Kysar from Augur and we talk all about Defi, Augur, Ethereum, Scaling, Regulation and so much more....

Geopolitical risks prevail as new players emerge in the crypto mining space

Taras Kulyk, Senior Vice President of Blockchain Business Development at Core Scientific, says that the countries competing to become leaders in the Blockchain space...

Bitcoin Price Risks Dropping Below $10,000 if This Support Level Fails

As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) couldn’t break through the resistance level of $12,000, a retracement did not come as a surprise. In recent...

Ethereum gas price and risks mainly driven by DeFi

The Ethereum market has been noticing a spike in its value given the surge in the Bitcoin market. This spike was of 11%, however,...
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XRP Rally Risks Strong Retracement in Pivotal Battle With Bitcoin

After years of underperformance compared to the rest of the crypto market, XRP has been pumping from bear market lows. But just as the...
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