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Are You Unbanked? Save More with Samecoin’s Revolutionary Investment Options

More and more people are deciding to move away from the jurisdiction of bricks-and-mortar banks as they want more control over their money. Unbanking...

IronX Is on a Mission to Save the Crypto Industry from Age-Old Problems

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Dec. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In recent years, the cryptocurrency sector has been battling both poor liquidity on many...

Intensified geo-risks, currency prices plummeted, Bitcoin’s computing power reached a new high… How can...

Author: cncoin, originating in the "clouds block chain" Since September, the defi on the market has gradually become colder. Some popular defi...

Five Hours to Failure: The ‘Save Yam’ Proposal Is Falling Short

The future of the Yam Finance yield farming protocol hangs in the balance as it awaits token deposits for a governance vote that could...
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Coinbase reveals how it helped traders save 75% in fees

The largest US crypto exchange, Coinbase, revealed a feature that it has been using to reduce BTC fees. Coinbase did it through batching BTC transactions,...
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