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Survey: Many Investors Expect Bitcoin to Be Seriously Higher in One Month

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally since the lows seen just two weeks ago. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $13,050, far above the...

Filecoin survey: well-known overseas but few participants, which fork coin is popular

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Most Americans are against a digital dollar CBDC, survey reveals

A new study by crypto mining firm Genesis Mining suggests the majority of U.S. citizens are against the introduction of a Central Bank Digital...

The field of cryptocurrency will continue to expand: survey says 26% of institutional investors...

Editor's note: Institutional investors such as pension funds, wealth management companies, and family offices believe that the cryptocurrency sector will continue to...

Not All DeFi Users Are Committed To Using Ethereum: New Survey

It’s no secret that Ethereum has benefited the most from the ongoing decentralized finance (DeFi) craze. After all, nearly all DeFi protocols and coins...