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Pizza Hut to accept Bitcoin for pies in Venezuela

A famous U.S.-based pizza chain has begun accepting cryptocurrency payments in all its stores in Venezuela. According to a Nov. 27 tweet from crypto services...

USDC invaded Venezuela, the U.S. dollar dominance continues in the field of digital currency?

The four advantages of fast speed, no borders, stable currency value, and large market share are the advantages of USDC, which are very attractive...

Local authorities disconnect bitcoin mining equipment in Carabobo, Venezuela

The state electric company of Carabobo, one of Venezuela’s 23 states, has reportedly disconnected bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment across the region. According to...

Venezuela announced a trial of a new decentralized stock exchange

Recent reports from Venezuela revealed that the country is testing a new decentralized stock exchange. The exchange will supposedly offer the use of crypto and...

Venezuela trials ‘decentralized stock exchange’ that’s open to the world

Venezuela’s National Securities Superintendency has given the go-ahead for a 90-day pilot of a crypto-powered “decentralized stock exchange” in the country that aims to...
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