Asia Blockchain Community Hears Out StopElon’s Movement: “Stop Market Manipulators”


 1,332 total views Good day all. Bitcoin is at $33,730 and it has been hovering around this range for a while. It is a bear market to all, but to us it is still pretty ok. 

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Segment 1: AMA
Segment 2: Live questions
Segment 3: Quick questions from other social media

Without further ado, let us welcome our guest to the house.

Welcome, StopElon.

Segment 1:

  • Stopelon token has gathered lots of supporters. Can you tell us about yourself and your founding members?

Hello, I’m Daniel, one of the founders of StopElon. I am a project and portfolio manager in IT/IS projects with many years of experience. I discovered cryptocurrency during the 2017 bullrun and ever since, I’ve been very interested in blockchain technologies and in the history of money and currency. I have personally invested in many crypto projects in the last few years and we have decided to create FuckElon (then StopElon) after seeing our portfolio “dip” because of a single tweet from Elon Musk in May 2021!

We also have two other founding members Don and Mark who have been working on various aspects of the project and especially the financial and legal aspects!


  • Can you share with us why you came up with this name? What is the purpose of the movement?

    Stopelon was an organic decision that arose through our history with an initial token we launched called FuckElon. We launched in a moment of frustration after Elon Musk withdrew Tesla’s bitcoin purchase support and then began to bash and mock bitcoin supporters.

    We gathered a lot of buzz and attention but found it impossible to advertise or be taken seriously with such an aggressive name. It turned heads, but at the same time, we recognized it was too harsh for TV or for most publications.

    We may not have changed our token’s name except for a contract bug with FuckElon which necessitated a re-launch a few days later. Our team decided StopElon got the point across and maybe more palatable, and since then we have indeed been covered globally and have worked hard to legitimize our movement and prove that we are serious. We are now official Stopelon.
  • Elon Musk is well-liked by innovators. Having a movement like this will it have any adverse effects?

We believe Elon Musk has many solid long term views for humanity which are nearly universally agreed with. Elon Musk seems to be an incredibly bright and talented individual who wants to see humanity reach for the stars and live sustainably.

But this is just one facet of the man, and it’s important not to diefy anyone.

Recently it seems he’s more interested in being the centre of attention as a meme lord rather than an innovator. He also isn’t really the one doing most of that innovative work despite holding the vision; it’s the talented bright scientists and engineers he employs and over-works.

He’s been sued for anti-union tweets and firing an individual trying to form one. He’s also been fined for manipulation of his own share price with Tesla. It is these troublesome things that we are combating, not green energy and space travel.


  • Tell us what happened with your $FUCKELON token? You guys rugged and unrugged the token. This must be an extraordinary experience. Can you share them with us?

Certainly! FuckElon had a contract bug that was discovered after a couple of days which resulted in liquidity not being correctly accumulated from our tax! Instead, it was being simply reflected along with the rest of the rewards, so our tokenomics were essentially just 10% reflection, instead of 6% LP and 4% reflection.

Unfortunately, because we had renounced ownership of our contract it was impossible to address the issue. So this left us with a problem: how do we ethically resolve the issue without hurting anyone’s investment?

The solution was to take a snapshot of FuckElon, then sell the full 5% dev wallet and 5% marketing wallet all at once. Because the LP was locked there was no way to get *all* of the liquidity back, and since the liquidity didn’t grow, we were able to get a significant portion of it back with the sale of 10% of the supply at once.

At this point, we announced to everyone what had happened and that we were air-dropping the same number of tokens of Stopelon to everyone who previously held FuckElon. There was a lot of stress, but we did our best to re-assure everyone while the migration was in progress. Once this was done, we manually re-injected all of the LP we were able to get our hands on which put the project back to nearly the exact same price it was when FuckElon’s snapshot happened.

We then re-locked the LP with StopElon and then all FuckElon holders essentially held the old token (with a small amount of LP remaining) and the new token (with the reclaimed LP). At no point did StopElon ever dip below the value FuckElon’s snapshot was taken at, so the migration was a success and is absolutely as fair as possible.


  • Having a buy/sale limit at 1,000,000,000. It is anti-whale. But isn’t it anti-growth too in some ways?

    This is a great question. We can say that anti-whale system (0.1%) was quite effective at the beginning of the project as it discouraged whale to buy a lot (multiple transactions was required). At the very beginning of the project, without anti-whale, anyone with a couple hundred dollars could buy a big portion of the total supply! In the short-term, we could think it’s anti-growth because we didn’t allow people to buy a lot and pump our price, but in the long-term creating a healthy wealth repartition is much better for our holders! Anti-whale doesn’t mean that we forbid people to buy, so any “whale” who believed or wanted to join the movement could buy in succession the amount they wanted! We tried to give a fair chance to everyone and mitigate the whales impact. It also ensures that whales cannot “rug” the price in one single transaction.


  • This movement needs a lot of support and marketing. How are you going to reach your goal to Stop Elon Musk?

    We absolutely have our work cut out for us, but we’ve got a dedicated core group and a lot of heart. We’ve been graced with worldwide media coverage so far and we believe that news of our voting trust and milestones achieved (10, 100, 1000 shares of Tesla) may generate additional interest for others to jump on board!

    We had a protest just last month, we’ve recently launched a billboard campaign in Las Vegas, and we’re sponsoring an ongoing sticker campaign. Additionally, we have a dedicated group of over 15,000 telegram members supporting us online.

    We believe any ambitious community-driven goal is achieved simply by doing the following: 1) Make steady progress. 2) Do not give up. 3) Continue to gather new supporters.


  • Please tell us about your tokenomics?

StopElon has had 40% of its total token supply burned upon launch. Additionally, since launch, we have had over 10% more burned from the supply in manual and automatic burns and no new tokens can be minted (created).

Our current 10% tax on every transaction is currently set up as followed:

  • 2% redistributed to holders 
  • 2% burnt (redistributed to the deadwallet)
  • 6% to Pancakeswap liquidity pool.

We are actively monitoring the tokenomics to make sure that the ratio is correct and keep the tokens healthy (market cap to LP ratio, burn rate,…)!


  • Your roadmap to Pluto seems practical. At which point are at now? And what are the things you felt need to be strengthened?

We are currently at Phase 2 of our Roadmap! Right now, we are recruiting new active members who can help us establish a better social presence and also reach Pluto! We have a handful of community members who are very active on Twitter and Telegram and hope that we can onboard more people to spread our message on every platform!

On the technical side, we have started to work on our Voting Trust and are currently looking at:

– to create our own NFT gallery and create our first NFT to sell with partner artists

– to integrate an existing stacking platform (or yield farming platform) to allow holders to stack their Stopelon!


  • How do you plan to full control Tesla Stock?

With a combination of purchased shares through our marketing wallet and our community-driven voting trust. This is a massive undertaking, of course, we will need to achieve institutional investor’s support, or simply out-grow the company with our own token’s market cap.

Ambitious, difficult, and wild. But not impossible.


  • Share an inspiring quote for our community, please.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


Segment 2: Next will be live Q and A. Floor will be opened for 5 mins. The project lead will select the 10 questions to be answered. Selected questions will receive $30 of their coins. They will also private message you to send you their tokens.

Please beware, at times the questions will be overwhelming. The community brainstormed the questions together too, there might be similar questions or angles.


Live Questions

#1 It would be great if we all could witness the appearance of StopElon NFT. Do you have any arrangements for this kind of token?

We have started our NFT collections you can visit here:

Right now we have the official holder reward NFT which are distributed monthly to our holders!

#2 How well would you spread awareness of STOPELON especially where their native languages are not the same as yours?

The official language is English but we try to expand with community-driven groups. Our awesome community is always here to help people who cannot talk English or don’t know about blockchains.

We have very active groups such as:
• Russia and post-soviet states with more than 1000 members
• Turkey and India with more than 500 members
• We also have a lot of growing communities such as Czech/Slovak, Chinese, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Iranian…where most official announcements are shared and translated.

We even have our website translated into Russian now!

#3 How important is the community to you? and How can we collaborate or help you with the development of the project??

We strongly believe that the community is the pillar of any project, and it’s even more important in our project which is also a movement (the first protest token).

We are trying to keep a balance between attracting new investors and keeping our holders engaged and feeling rewarded.

While the marketing team is always working hard to attract new people to join our movement, we believe that the community has a big role to play as well. From our most recent poll on telegram, 14% of them come from word of mouth, which is quite good, it shows that the community is happy with our work and are willing to talk about our tokens to their friends!


#4 What are you most excited regards to the future growth of STOPELON?

Buying our very first Tesla share would an exciting step!!

#5 Where is STOPELON roadmap now? Are all targets in accordance with the current roadmap? and What are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Stopelon roadmap can be found on our official website and you can also track our progress in there!


#6 Your project offers 10% tax on transactions, is it high? Why did your project choose a starting figure of 10%? In the future do you intend to reduce that number to attract more investors?

It seems high but it encourages people to HODL instead of day-trading! The 10% lost on the transaction will usually be recovered thanks to the fees going back to holders.

We have no plan in changing our tokenomics right now 🙂


#7 What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand the project easily?

The community is always here to help newcomers (and thank them! ❤️), in the meantime, we do plan to create tutorials to reach more people. We did a lot of campaigns at the beginning to teach people to buy on Pancakeswap as it wasn’t obvious for people using it for the first time!


#8 Could you tell us more about your team and their backgrounds? many projects launch with inexperienced team members and fail to get any real traction later on.

Our team is extremely capable and adaptable. We have a strong mix of individuals from around the world; the developers, the writers, the graphic designers and the marketers behind the coin. This isn’t even to mention our wonderful community who contribute on a voluntary basis, from around the world providing 24-hour service to anyone who needs help.

We definitely want to emphasize our community members’ hard work in getting our message out. Their sincerity in helping each other out to get this project to where it is today is an inspiration for the core team to continue to execute on the roadmap with conviction. We are just getting started!

#9 What exchanges are you planning to list?

We are listed on Bitmart for now! And we are always discussing with exchanges for new opportunities 🙂


#10 If BNB dips, how does it affect your token? what would you do to handle this?

It does affect our token since our liquidity pool is tied to BNB on Pancakeswap.
On our exchange (bitmart) it’s tied with USDT!

There is really no way to handle this but we have been discussing about shifting to create a liquidity pool with stablecoin like BUSD. But right now, there is no concrete plan yet! 🙂


Segment 3: Social Media Questions We have selected 10 questions from Twitter and 10 from Facebook. At the end of the event. The project will send the replies onto social media and DM you for your reward too.

These are going to be quick replies as we have selected the questions 30 mins ago and have them pre-answered.


Facebook questions:

  • Do you plan to promote yourself in Singapore?

Yes, we will but we don’t have a concrete plan yet. We are trying to promote the Stopelon movement around the globe. For now, it’s easier to tackle countries and places where we have people like in the US or in some countries in Europe. But the moment we find a proper opportunity to work in Singapore, we will definitely do it!


  • Your token price seems low at the moment, what plans do you have to make it move better?

We are a long term project and not the typical shitcoin pump and dump. At the moment, we are focusing on developing our features and don’t really look at the price. The market is bearish and most tokens suffer from Bitcoin and BNB movement, we also notice that a lot of early whales exited their positions and took profit which also explains the price downtrend. We expect normal growth in holders, market cap and liquidity as we reach more targets on our roadmap like the voting trust and the shares investors will deposit and the shares we will buy. 

If we keep doing and delivering what we promise, we will reach more new investors and gain natural growth!


  • Are the team doxxed? I do not see the team information on the website?

No, the team is not doxxed at the moment. We have been created right after a tweet without preparation and proper organization. We worked and completed tasks to create the Stopelon we have today but as we grow we need more order within our structure! Thus, we are currently reshaping the organization of Stopelon with different departments and with the right person in each department.  Recruitment is in progress and positions are being filled at the moment! We will present the new organisation with its organigram very soon. Everything will be shared in our Telegram group and website very soon!


  • Is your movement a registered group? If yes where are you registered?

The token is currently registered as a company in the Netherlands as we needed a legal structure and official documents to get listed on exchanges. For the movement, we are thinking of shifting to a foundation, but it will certainly lead to more paperwork and additional costs. For now, it’s only in the study phase right now. 


  • Do you have a business revenue model?

Like most projects, we have a developer and marketing wallet from where we pay our expenses. 

Right now, we don’t have a business revenue model but we certainly have ideas! We will have a merchandise store deployed soon and hopefully an NFT store with partner artists as well! This will allow us to create additional revenue! Portions of the profits generated will be used for marketing and to buy back our tokens! 


  • How do you feel about crypto market manipulation?

We hate it and sadly, Elon is not the only entity manipulating the markets. 

Unfortunately, there are too many ways to manipulate the market and too many bad actors in the crypto space, but very few are so personally involved. That’s why we decided to focus on him after recent events primarily because he is a single individual rather than a complex entity and our goal of reducing his influence is ambitious but achievable.

We believe our movement is part of a growing trend of retail investors attempting to level the playing field with activist investing. There are other groups that seem to be making progress with regards to the traditional stock market and our goal is currently to target manipulation in crypto with the assets at our disposal.

We intend to broaden our focus once we’ve achieved our initial aims and target all forms of crypto manipulation.


  • I am from Malaysia. Will you start your community here?

We don’t have a community yet in Malaysia, but most of Stopelon’s communities are… community-driven! If someone has the interest to lead and promote our movement in their community we would love to back them and help them do it. That is exactly how our dozens of communities have been created such as Russian, Indian, Turkish, French,…


  • I want to ape your token. What should I expect?

Price goes up, the price goes down but we are a long term project to stay. We are building the first protest token ever! We are having billboards deployed in Las Vegas and more marketing stunts coming soon. We are working with our legal team on our voting trust! Don’t expect day trading with Stopelon as our tokenomics make it hard to do it. Before you ape Stopelon, I encourage you to join our social media, discuss with our awesome community and make your own opinion on the topic!


  • Are you planning to move out of BSC?

Not right now, even if having Stopelon on Ethereum blockchain is on our roadmap. The main objective was to make it more accessible to people who don’t know about BSC and how to use pancakeswap. We are currently listed on Bitmart (as a BEP20 token) to allow people to trade with USDT! If the demand matches the volume we will explore new blockchains integration but the cost is not worth it at the moment. 


  • Will you develop your own movement dapp or app soon?

Development has not started but we have ideas to make an app for people to monitor their Stopelon balance and soon their shares in the Voting Trust and to visualize their NFTs collection.

dApp is also in the roadmap but for the end of the year or next year which will allow staking shares and earn Stopelon! 


Twitter questions selection:


  • Will you be considering burning another 30-50% of your remaining token? 

We are not considering burning more tokens manually. Almost 50% have already been burnt so far (with an initial burn of 40%). Remember that Stopelon has a fixed supply and no new tokens are minted/created anymore (unlike Bitcoin), everytime we burn tokens, it’s gone forever and it will never be replaced!

We have activated the automatic burning, meaning that around 2% of each transaction is burnt forever, making Stopelon deflationary. This will grow the value of the token over time! 


  • Can you share with us how many tokens are reserved for the team and how much will be available to the public? Are your contract audited?

StopElon has had 40% of its total token supply burned upon launch

Additionally, 10% of the total supply were sent to a Dev wallet (5%) and Marketing wallet (5%). Those wallets are public and can be found in our announcement channel and website. Today, the core team are being paid from the Dev wallet and all operating expenses are paid from the marketing wallet.

So, initially, 50% of the total supply was available to the public!

The contract has been audited by (security audit) and has been certified rugpull-free by Deerlock!


  • Where is the headquarters of Stop Elon?

Stopelon is registered in the Netherlands but doesn’t have a headquarter, we have active core team members who are working from all over the world (most European countries, USA, Brazil, India,…).


  • Amazing project! What’s your end goal with this project? Or what do you what to diversify into? As all crypto it’s about growth, love to know your idea for the future?

Our first main goal is really clear, we want to stop market manipulation. We need people like Elon Musk to stop manipulating the market for their own benefits. At this point, we focus on one person but we are looking into ways to diversify into a movement against market manipulation in its entirety and we will focus on more than just one entity.


  • How can we stop Elon Musk? What concrete plans do you have?

How do we achieve this? Our goal is to own a ⅔ voting supermajority in Tesla and fire Elon Musk. We can do this by establishing “StopElon Voting Trust” which will effectively allow us to acquire shares under this trust with the marketing wallet. Additionally, Tesla shareholders who agree with our message can pledge their shares to the trust. We hope to reward individuals who are a part of the trust with StopElon, and will be working out logistics once it is in place.

Once we achieve ⅔ supermajority we will use our voting power to fire Elon and make him delete his Twitter, support workers rights and allow for unionization which has been blocked for years. Our ability to control Tesla would also allow us to re-enable bitcoin purchases for vehicles and commit company resources to improving green energy solutions for bitcoin mining.

Our largest strength is that we are not just another meme token. There is genuine effort and purpose behind our movement. As ambitious as our goal is, it is possible to achieve!


  • What are the utilities of the #STOPELON token? Can you tell me the advantages of holding your token and also where to buy it? What is the $Token use case and how does it capture the value of the ecosystem you are building?

One of the direct utility of the SE token is for the project to purchase Tesla shares, which we need ⅔ of for our end goal. Getting shares in the first place will get us voting power at Tesla. Remember that we don’t necessarily need to “own” ⅔ of the shares as one entity but we just need to “own enough voting power” to reach our very big goal. With the voting trust, Stopelon tokens will also be used to reward people who entrust us with their shares! 

Don’t forget that we don’t need to wait this long to start having our word at Tesla, and on the way there, every extra share obtained or deposited in the voting trust, will make our voice louder at the tesla shareholders board and soon Elon Musk will hear from us from the inside of his own company!

Holding Stopelon tokens is also rewarding as 2% of each transaction is redistributed to holders and we distribute awesome NFTs that you can collect or sell every month. The more tokens you hold, the rarer the NFT you get. 

We also plan to implement a governance system, and holding more Stopelon will allow you to have more voting power here! 


  • How can we help to stop Elon? Can we help anonymously?

There are many ways to support and help Stopelon! You could simply support the movement and the project by buying and holding the token. The next step is to talk about the movement online and offline, share our media content to spread the word!

Help, discuss and answer questions from the community…

If you own Tesla shares, you could also entrust us your shares on the Voting Trust! 


  • Has your project thought of some partnerships and collaborations with other projects in the ecosystem to create alliances and increase community? Do you see yourself grow to become the biggest charity token on BSC?

We have had multiple requests for collaborations with other BSC tokens but, with all respect, with no real interest for us until now. We do not want to risk pump and dump schemes for our investors. If the opportunity is there and we believe that the other project is a serious project to work with, we surely will look into the available opportunities. And by the way, we are not a charity token, we are a protest token!


  • I am interested to understand the future plans around the Voting Trust. How much shares will be allowed per user and how often can they interact with them? How often will the payouts in #StopElon be paid?

We cannot give any specific details right now. We are still working with our legal team to understand how exactly the Voting Trust can and will work. We want to make it easy for everyone to deposit and withdraw their shares, but it should also be convenient for the legal team! At first glance, there should not be any limit of share per users as there shouldn’t be any negative impact and we want to accumulate as many shares as possible to start having our voice heard at Tesla!

When we start distributing Stopelon or rewards, there might be a time limit as we will probably need to hold the shares at a specific time or during a specific period to be able to use it!

Please note that Stopelon payout will be done in a second phase, initially with manual airdrops then in a more automatic way!


  • I understand the voting trust is going to be a big part of this project. Have you made any plans to reach out to the actual stock/tesla investors? How do you plan to get people into being a part of this trust? What benefits do they get?

A lot, or probably most of the people, only have stocks to gain profit over time, and not for the voting power. Note that today holding Tesla doesn’t earn you dividends yet, but the increasing price of the share makes it attractive! By staking the share in Stopelon Voting Trust, we will get the voting power from your shares but in exchange, you will be rewarded with our tokens, so you will have even more financial profit.

We are currently working with the legal team to make sure that everything is perfect. So there are no risks involved with the voting trust, the share will remain yours and you can withdraw it at any moment.

We will look into plans and possibilities to reach out directly to Tesla shareholders the moment we have the voting trust completely set up. This will of course be a major audience for us to focus on. Thanks for your time and coming by to the Asia Blockchain Community. We have learnt so much. Do not hesitate, if you want to find out more about StopElon, you can visit their social links:

Other relevant links if needed: will continue to bring exciting news about StopElon, feel free to find out more at

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