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1) Money Tree in the house!!! Before we deep dive into Money Tree. Can you tell us about yourself and walk us through who is your executive team?

The Money Tree team is comprised of 6 professionals. 5 of whom are technical developers and one who focuses exclusively on marketing. Our director Joshua comes from an artificial intelligence background and has many years of experience in the blockchain industry. As well as managing and directing the team and focusing on the overall development of the platform, he is also responsible for developing the solidity and engineering the tokenomics. The other developers in the team primarily focus on developing the dAPPS, the web3 integration as well as creating/generating NFTs.

2) Next, tell us, what is Money Tree? How does it work?

Money Tree is a deflationary and fully decentralized gaming token that is hosted on the blockchain. The $MONEY token passively rewards investors with dividends and royalties from sales of the 1 million unique NFTs that Money Tree has generated. The Money Tree token also enters investors into an automatic weekly lottery, at no cost to the players, the winner will automatically be paid in BUSD. The $MONEY token is used as an underlying currency and can be used to play games and purchase NFTs on the Money Tree website.
All games are hosted entirely on-chain with guaranteed fairness with the utilization of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) technology. 100% of all prize rewards are retained by players and there is no “house edge” in our statistically fair games.

3) Can you share with us your tokenomics and structure?

The Money Tree token is designed to be a robust, value-generating mechanism for holders of the token.

Transaction taxes
5% Transaction tax on buys and sells. 2% to the lottery, 2% as auto-liquidity, and 1% marketing wallet (any surplus will be donated to a charity to be decided)

Passive rewards for holders
Money Tree holders can earn passively through the lottery, dividends, royalties, and the deflationary mechanisms around the token.

Automatic entry into the lottery every week for holders. Winners are paid in USDC and are awarded a free Loot box. The lottery is made up of 2% of the weekly volume of Money Tree tokens.

The dividend wallet is filled whenever a Loot box or an NFT is purchased with Money Tree tokens. 90% of the Money Tree sale price of these is allocated to the dividend wallet. The dividend calculations are run every Monday at 18:00 EST, after which Money Tree token holders can claim these through their claim’s dashboard.

The NFTs have been encoded with EIP-2981 which allows royalties to be claimed in further sales of NFTs. 1% of further sales prices will be distributed to Money Tree token holders.

Several deflationary mechanisms reduce the number of Money Tree tokens in circulation. 10% of Loot box and NFTs purchases with the Money Tree token are burned. This increases the scarcity and value of the token.

Active rewards for holders
The token itself can be used to generate more tokens. Test your luck in our verifiably fair and random games to increase your holdings and earn valuable NFTs. All games use Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function technology to guarantee a fair result every time.
Or you can use Money Tree tokens to purchase NFTs directly from the marketplace or Loot boxes to try and secure the rarest NFTs. These NFTs can be sold or kept for your collection.

NFT economy
NFTs are awarded via the Loot box, Numberdome and the Lottery. They can also be purchased through the marketplace (however, the rarest NFTs can only be won.). The sale of NFTs directly benefits holders of the Money Tree token, through dividends and royalties. This also gives a clear incentive for holders to encourage others to purchase NFTs

Auto-liquidity, done right
We have used innovative coding to make the auto-liquidity function run on every sell order. Traditionally auto-liquidity was allowed to gather into large wallets which would begin at certain thresholds, e.g. when 1% of total supply had occurred. This could cause massive fluctuations in price and could lead to dumping when the function was run. Money Tree’s innovative solution is to have the auto-liquidity function run on every sell. This keeps the auto-liquidity wallet small, and when the function does run, there won’t be a large impact on the price.

4) The month of October is bullish, many projects are doing a lot more. What are your marketing plans for the next few months?

We’re actively working with a number of promoters around the globe. Our marketing strategy has always been to target a global audience and this is evident from the large collection of documentation on our website, each published in multiple languages. To complement this, we are planning a series of AMAs in multiple languages to give the wider community a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. Our recent integration with Chainlink was mentioned by the official Chainlink Twitter account and we have plans to further utilise Chainlink services and integrate further. As the Market Cap grows, we will begin to see larger and larger prizes for both the weekly lottery as well as the daily Numberdome, this should coincide with larger dividends for our holders all of which makes $MONEY a more enticing investment opportunity.

5) What is your technology development roadmap like? More DAPPS? Games? Tell us more.

In the upcoming months, we will be launching “Versus Mode”. Versus mode revolves around live events and lets users stake tokens against one another based on their predicted outcome of a binary event. The total pot from both sides is calculated once the event is completed and the winning side can claim a proportionate number of tokens to what they staked from the loser’s pot. In essence, versus mode provides a platform for players to stake tokens on their side where the returns are determined by the opposition, instead of a centralized organization providing the odds. This provides a more transparent system where all the inputs and outputs are determined in a peer-to-peer fashion. Versus mode does not affect supply.

Money Tree will also be looking to expand the existing collection of games. Plans to utilize the NFTs attack, health and magic stats within the game are in development and should be available by Q1-22 at the latest.

Currently, all NFTs owned by an individual can be seen in the NFT upgrade dApp, however, we have plans to build a dedicated app to view all of the owned NFTs with different backgrounds, all of our 1 million NFTs + stats are currently hosted on IPFS and this future app will link directly to IPFS to pull these figures.

With regards to improving existing apps, both the loot box and NFT upgrade currently require 2 functions to be called, one to trigger Chainlink VRF and a second function to mint the returned NFT. In the future, we will be looking to streamline this process so that the end-user only has to run one transaction.

6) Where are your revenue generators?

Revenue is generated for holders through various aspects of the token.

By simply buying and holding Money Tree tokens, holders are automatically entered in the weekly lottery. Upon purchase or sale of Money Tree tokens, 2% of the 5% transaction fee will be added to the weekly jackpot. The lottery prize amount is 2% of the weekly volume in USD. The number of tokens you hold determines the likelihood of winning. More tokens held means better odds of winning. Even holding a fraction of a token could win, albeit with extremely unlikely odds. There will be a guaranteed winner every week when the lottery runs. The winner will be chosen, and funds automatically paid into their account each Friday at 18:00 EST. The winner will also be able to claim a free loot box from the claim rewards panel.

NFTs are acquired through the Marketplace, Loot boxes and mini game prizes. The marketplace provides users with a platform to view and explore the NFTs available as well as buy individual NFTs. all common NFTs can be purchased with $MONEY tokens. For rarities up to and including epic, users can only purchase with BNB. A large portion of these NFTs will not be available to purchase from the marketplace, as these NFTs are exclusively reserved as prizes from games or upgrading NFTs.

Players can choose to burn two NFTs of a lower rarity to combine them into one NFT of the rarity above. This creates deflationary pressure thus increasing the scarcity and value of the NFTs.

The Money Tree loot box gives gamers the chance to win extremely rare NFTs which aren’t available in the marketplace. Each Loot box purchased guarantees the purchaser an NFT of uncommon or above as a reward and can be purchased with either Money Tree tokens or BNB. If the loot box is purchased with Money Tree tokens 90% of the sale price will be distributed to Money Tree holders as dividends and 10% of the tokens will be burned as a deflationary measure. If a loot box is purchased with BNB, 50% of the cost will be put into the lottery and the other 50% will go to the developer wallet. Loot boxes can also be awarded from winning the lottery or in Numberdome.

7) Tell us about your future business plans and developments too.

The Money Tree platform has been in development for a long time and as a result, the platform is fully functioning from launch with everything residing fully on-chain from day one. This was an important goal for the team, however, now that the platform is live, we’re excited about the next steps and stages in the development of the project. Our ambition is for $MONEY to host a large collection of mini-games that benefit both holders of the token as well as active players. All of Money Tree’s future games will follow the Money Tree values: No house edge, statistical fairness & 100% on-chain.

8) Listing is another question that is widely asked. Can you tell us more?

When we launched on pancake swap, we burned 50% of our liquidity-provided tokens. This helped ensure investor confidence in our product. The other 50% is locked for 1 month from launch and this can be verified on Unicrypt. This unlocked liquidity will allow us to expand onto other exchanges in the future. Our auto liquidity function is currently set up to add liquidity directly to PancakeSwap, however, this can be tweaked. We understand that DEXs aren’t the ideal solution for all buyers and hence we will look to also list on a centralised exchange at some point in the near future.

9) What plans do you have for South-East Asia?

Early into Money Tree’s development, we noted the value of the South East Asian community as their adoption of cryptocurrencies increases. We plan on continuing to adapt our offering for these communities, notably with more language options to our website and documentation. We currently have Money Tree documentation translated into 6 different languages and we hope to increase that. We also intend to increase our community outreach in South East Asia, AMAs like our upcoming session are a great way to build exposure and we will look to provide groups where these geo disperse communities can gather to discuss Money Tree.

10) Share an inspiring quote to our community members please.

Money Tree is dedicated to fair and fun blockchain gaming. We guarantee statistical fairness whilst remaining 100% on-chain. However, if we were to share an inspiring quote from another source it would be the following:

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

– Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web.

We believe that Blockchain and Web3 are at the forefront of the next digital revolution and the entire Money Tree team is humbled to be a part of that.

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