Asia Blockchain Community Interviews Roronoa Zoro Inu “NFT, marketplace and videogame”


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1) Dear Leonardo, thanks for coming by. Can you tell us more about yourself and your core team members for a start?

Nice to meet you.

First of all, I would like to thank you for hosting me on this channel and let me introduce myself. My name is Leonardo, I am 27 years old, I live in London but I am Italian for work, I am a software developer and I am a programmer of different languages, I program in C++, Python, Javascript, Solidity, Haskell.

The members of my team live for the most part in Italy and others live in America.
My team consists of six members, two game developers, a marketplace and NFT developer, a website developer, the marketing manager.

2) What is Roronoa Zoro Inu?

Zorro is one of the most important, famous and loved characters of the anime saga One Piece.

We chose this character to follow the trend born recently of anime coin memes such us Luffy Inu, SAITAMA Inu, Chopper Inu. But unlike these latest coins, we are producing a game.

So our ultimate goal is to give a real utility. This shifting the focus from the token to the creation of the game. The use of coin memes is an end in itself, while our token, unlike the latter, will have a real role within the gaming world.

3) Can you let us know how does your tokenomics work?

The properties of the token guarantee security and stability to its holders. Roronoa Zoro Inu is equipped with anti-whale and anti-dump safety systems. Roronoa Zoro Inu’s crew constantly watches over its owners.

3% is reflected to all holders for passive income.

2% is added to a liquidity pool.

3% of each transaction goes into the marketing wallet. This will be used to make the project grow.

Burnt 42% of the total supply.

4) When and where will your marketing activities be seen? What are your plans for the next 3 months down the road?

Our daily and weekly marketing plan is announced on our official telegram group, now we are also creating communities for different countries, all marketing plans of the day and week are also reported in our communities.

Our marketing plan for the next 3 months is to be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap as soon as possible, to be trending on Reddit every day, to always bring new video content on Youtube from small and large channels related to the world of crypto.

We are in contact with various projects in the BSC and ETH world for collaborations related to the theme of our project.

Many Twitter influencers are contacting us and we are also writing to many of them to have a lot of influence from the world of Twitter as well.

Creating a NFT-based marketplace of our token is our goal and is incorporated in our marketing plan to be able to reach more users even in the NFT world.

Always be in the top positions on voting sites such as Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Coinvote and many other sites.

Groups on telegram where we do AMA and talk about our project and be able to make ourselves known as much as possible by everyone.

We have a lot of marketing to do, little by little we are increasing more and more marketing opportunities, today this is our marketing, but every day and week we update it and make it grow.

5) What is your technology roadmap like?

We have created and planned 6 seasons, we are proceeding to complete all the things promised and described below, it will take some time to complete them all, but we are doing great!


Contract ✔️
Website ✔️
Social media ✔️
Fair launch ✔️
Whitepaper ✔️
Contract audit ✔️


Marketing campain ✔️
Listing on FEGex
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing


Intensive marketing campaign
Cex listing
Token partnerships
NFT Marketplace


Second token revealed
NTF airdrop
Cex listing (second)


Second token fair launch
NTF airdrop
Cex listing (second)


Website Restailing NFT farming
Yield farming Videogame launch New roadmap

6) New projects usually forget the revenue part of the business. What kind of revenue streams can we expect?

We are building an NFT marketplace platform and will generate money selling our unique NFT’s.

And we are building a videogame in which revenues will come from the in-game, shop and merchandising advertising

7) Tell us more about your listing plans. What’s next?

After the listing in Nomics, we want to give our community more surprises. These days we are preparing to list $ RORONOAZORO in Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. These two sites will represent a turning point for our project. At the same time, we received many offers from exchanges for the listing of $ RORONOAZORO. We will choose platforms together with the community making sure we get the best for everyone.

8) Your game seems to be the selling point. Can you tell us more about it? What gaming engine are you building it on? Can you describe to us how the game looks like?

The development of our videogame represents at the same time the greatest challenge and the most fun adventure.

The engine used will be Unity 3D already used by our team on past experiences.
The game genre will be a battle royale. Players will have the opportunity to go around an imaginary city full of services (shops, gyms, banks, etc.).

The city will be the meeting point for players and will allow players to customize their characters.

City shooting portals will allow players to access challenges.

Each player will be able to pair up tokens or items from their inventory.

For the development of the game, it will be essential to have the second token (in development) which will be part of our ecosystem.

9) What are your plans for Asia?

Our community is our strength and as such it must be protected and rewarded. We recently discovered that 25% of our community is Asian. This was a big surprise for us! It means that our project is known all over the world!

These days we are building partnerships with other teams and collecting applications to help us expand our project in Asia. The YouTube channel “Yakuza Trade” has already made a video that we will use as a business card to make ourselves known in Asia.

10) Share an inspiring quote to our community members, please.

Easy. We could quote our own sentence that we dedicated to our community and is included in our Whitepaper:

“The ship is the home of a
captain, the crew his family.
This project was born for
realize our crew and ours
the dreams of the community
We are proud of you.”

A project cannot exist without a community that supports it. We consider ourselves lucky, our community is incredible, numerous and united. Together we will be successful

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