Asia Blockchain Community Interviews VETTER “Reinventing the Crypto Research Game”


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1) Thanks Vetter team for coming by Asia Blockchain Community. For starters, can I ask you to give an introduction to the core team?

Sure. Thanks for having us. I’m Mike Klingler. Got started in marketing over 20 years ago. Then in the early 2000’s moved it all online and started developing software solutions. Fast forward to present and I’m passionate about creating real solutions for investors using crowdsourcing and the blockchain.

The other core members include:

Robyn Linn

Robyn’s 16-years developing business start-ups into multimillion-dollar success stories gives Vetter a unique advantage in the crypto sphere. With her intuitive skills in branding, video presence, communication and partnership expansion, she’s a powerhouse to this dynamic team.

Jeremy James

Jeremy is a master dev bringing decades of experience coding and managing large developer teams. Jeremy also has a strong grasp of marketing with stellar communication skills. This assists Vetter in translating innovative ideas into working systems.

2) What is Vetter all about? Share with us some insights, please.

Vetter Token (VETTER) makes crypto research fun! With a proven use case, the dApp highlights projects worth researching by ranking the poster’s performance. Add in compensation, points, tipping and a bad-ass interface, and you have the best crypto research tool at your fingertips.

In fact, we are the first tokenized crypto research tool deriving its knowledge base from crowdsourcing. We’ve proven the model long before developing the token, and integrated gamification and A.I. bringing you this next-gen ecosystem and investor-research tool for crypto presales, fair launches, and ICOs. This positions Vetter as a front-runner in the crypto-research market across all networks and with many applications.

3) What use cases do you have?

We have proven use cases. Vetter’s crowdsourcing model was beta-tested thoroughly in the open market for 90-days prior to evolving into Vetter dApp. Here’s a snapshot of results reported by real investors who use the research tool at Tribe 100x:

Reported Results 1:

Results 2:

Results 3:

4) Kindly tell us what is your tokenomics like? What sets your apart from the rest?

Vetter is committed to crushing the competition in the crypto-research market, with plans to expand immediately after launch into new markets— a 5% buy/sell tax is committed to the Marketing/Dev wallet for ongoing development. The Participatory tax allows us to pay Voters, Scouts and Vetters who are contributing to the dynamic process.

The Vetter Pool provides additional incentives for Vetters, who provide a deeper analysis on the projects. Royalty Reflections provide life-long royalties to those who contributed value as a Scout (by loading crypto projects to the calendar). The Liquidity tax helps stabilize the price-floor

5% Tax at Buy
5% Tax at Sell

2% Tax at Buy
5% Tax at Sell

2% Tax at Buy
5% Tax at Sell

2% Tax at Buy
2% Tax at Sell

1% Tax at Buy
1% Tax at Sell

5) What’s crowdfunding and A.I. really mean? 

Problem and Solution:

It’s time-consuming to research all the crypto presales, fair-lanches and ICOs launching on a given day to spot the next 2x, 10x, 100x, or more. Crowdsourcing helps solve this. It allows a large number of people to contribute a small amount of time to research crypto projects while giving everyone access to the collective knowledge base. This exponentially reduces the amount of time it takes to search for crypto gems.

Crowdsourcing has limitations, though. How do you prevent people from shilling and spamming so that the quality of information shared is stellar and accurate? And how do you collate this data so the ‘cream’ (best crypto projects) floats to the top? We’ve combined the power of crowdsourcing with A.I. and a feature-rich dApp to solve these problems for the first time. We added gamification—making it fun, fast, and easy to spot crypto projects worthy of consideration while removing frustration for the crypto investor.

6) Since you have mentioned about gamification, tell us more.

Scoring, Ranking, Compensation and Incentivization
Most crypto investors are NOT trained investors. So if it’s not fun, they’re probably not going to do it. That’s why we’ve added gamification to the research process with Scoring, Ranking, Compensation, and Incentivization.

Vetter holders are incentivized to help the community spot crypto gems using Vetter’s unique tokenomics. A Vetter Token holder is compensated by participating as a Voter, Scout, or Vetter— or all three! Learn more by watching the ‘Ranking & Compensation’ presentation found on

Vetter’s comprehensive A.I. uses a scoring and ranking system to reward users who are best at identifying crypto projects that perform well. The higher one’s rank, the more they get paid as a Voter, Scout, or Vetter.

7) How do you spot the 100X?

When Scouts post projects to the calendar, Vetters can post additional research data on the project. Once the project launches, Voters indicate if the project was successful within
a 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day, or “all-time” time frame. This allows investors to use the calendar to sort for projects most likely to perform well within specific time-frames to fit
their personal investment goals— we call this feature the Intuitive Oracle.

8) Tell us more about your dApp too.

With so much packed into one research tool, we’ve placed a high priority on our user interface and the user experience. The dashboard incorporates scoring, ranking, voting, and gamification to make it fun— while displaying the [scoring and ranking] incentives for holders so they contribute to the project by getting compensated. This provides investors with the single best crypto research tool on the market— accessible from one, simple, intuitive dashboard.

9) Can you tell us about your roadmap?

Proven Use-Case for Crowdsourcing Model
Technical Documentation for dApp Development
Version 1 Front-end Website
Set-up Socials; Organize Mods, Admins, Promo Team
Video Presentations

Litepaper / Official Whitepaper Release
BSC Presale Ads Begin
Facebook & YouTube Ads
Influencer Marketing Begins
Initial PR Exposure with Major Media Outlets
Website Full Release
AMA Oct 14th (4pm ET)
Purchase Initial Audit
Presale Pinksale / Launch on PancakeSwap Oct 19th

Listing on CMC/CG
Public Audit
New Video Presentations
Product Focused Marketing Funnel
Facebook & YouTube Ads (Boost)
Influencer Marketing Ramp-up
BSC Ads Rampup
dApp Beta Onboarding

10) Share an inspiring quote to our community members please to end off this segment.

“In every adversity, there is a seed for an equal or greater benefit.”


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