Exclusive Interview with Eljaboom, Founder and CEO of Ajoobz “In Crypto, today’s poor can be the richest tomorrow”

Eljaboom blockcastcc
Eljaboom blockcastcc

 641 total views This is Jenny Zheng again, I am the cofounder of This week, we manage to get hold of Eljaboom. He has a very strong community supporting what he believes. 

Hi Eljaboom, good to have you here.

Eljaboom: Thank Jenny for accommodating to my timing. We know you are a very active guy in the crypto world. Crypto aside, on a personal level, can you tell us more about yourself?

Eljaboom: My name is Eljaboom. I am a Computer engineer by training and have masters in industrial engineering. I am 36 years old with more than 15 years of solid experience in different fields from technology, real estate, marketing, boards governance and more. Tell us more about Ajoobz. What is your vision and mission?

Eljaboom: Ajoobz is a dream, to bring crypto outside for both English speakers and the middle east. The vision of Ajoobz is to lead the crypto space and offers the largest liquidity for startups. We take a quick peep at your Telegram community, you a very big community. How do you manage them? And why are they sticking with you?

Eljaboom: Basically all of Ajoobz team are workers. As I refuse to hire anyone doesn’t want to stay at his job and accumulate more crypto with keeping his learning work experience growing. Including myself, I still work every day. The community is a family, regardless of where they from, what religions are they, or any stereotype. I believe in Satoshi vision as we all are family sharing one dream. Can you tell us the top 5 crypto in your opinion and why?

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Eljaboom: Its a challenging question but I can only say the good projects in my opinion $CHR $DGB $BNB $Link $VIDT $AVA $Rlc and more. Do you think Bitcoin’s price will keep rising? Why is it so?

Eljaboom: I believe there will be one drop before a heavy pump Do you think Ethereum will continue to stay at its Number 2 position? Do you think with Ethereum 2.0, do they have a chance to overtake Bitcoin?

Eljaboom: One straight forward reply- Nope. How do you see the future of crypto and blockchain?

Eljaboom: There is a future for crypto and blockchain definitely but it will be very challenging. Do you think crypto will become mainstream and take over fiat?

Eljaboom: 100% certain that crypto will take over fiat and go mainstream. This is just a matter of time. What is your happiest crypto moment?

Eljaboom: When Cz acquired Wazrix Can you share an inspiring quote for our readers?

Eljaboom: This is my quote:

In Crypto, today’s poor can be the richest tomorrow Thanks Eljaboom for the chat. You can find out more about Ajoobz at For more interviews, head down to See you next week. 


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