In Conversation with Marco Jäger, Super Representative “TRON Family”

marco tron family
marco tron family

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Blockcast: Dear fans, welcome to our weekly interview session with industry stakeholder. My name is Jenny Zheng, cofounder of, a PR and media company based out from Singapore and South Korea.

On this beautiful Monday, we have Marco Jäger from Germany to share with us his story. Hi Marco, can you give an introduction of yourself?

Marco: My name is Marco Jäger. I am a 41-year-old IT service provider from Germany. I founded my company at the age of 24 and have been developing special solutions ever since. In 2017 I dedicated myself to blockchain technology, which happened rather late. At the end of 2018, I joined TRON Europe as CTO, where I developed quite a lot until September 2019. In September 2019 I founded my own super representative “TRON Family” with my blockchain partner Maik.

Blockcast: Can you tell us more about Tron Family? And what projects are you running right now?

Marco: Our main focus at the previous SR has always been the training of people interested in blockchain and the programming of special applications that do not exist yet. These are mostly unpopular background applications like a rewards distribution. This is needed by many representatives. Furthermore, we have developed a desktop wallet with a very large range of functions. The development of TRON-Radar is very popular and then there are smaller tools like a token swap service, TRON Telegram security software and our own API. At the moment we can refer to a non-profit product range of 7 applications. These developments have also contributed to the success of the TRON Blockchain.

Blockcast: What is your experience being in the Tron ecosystem?

Marco: I like the TRON Blockchain, it is very functional and runs flawlessly. Also, the programming for this blockchain is easy and understandable. I don’t have anything wrong with it at all.

Blockcast: What is a SR? How did you manage to get into the ranks?

Marco: A SR is a Super Representative. As you know, the TRON Blockchain has another consensus as BTC has. TRON is a „delegated proof of stake”, that means that every coin holder is allowed to vote for a SR-Candidate. The 27 Candidates with the most votes are the elected Super Representatives and are allowed to calculate the Blocks. In TRON Network there is a Block every 3 Seconds and each SR gets every 27th Block.

We are still only a Candidate, because we started with TRON-Family much later than other of the SR, and as a community-related SR its not so easy to get enough votes. Many SR belongs to big investors or exchanges and they have enough voting power to vote in themselves.

Blockcast: Being an SR at Tron, what does it mean? Do you get access to many new movements that normal users cannot get?

Marco: As mentioned before, calculating blocks is a very important part of being SR. At least 2 Nodes (1 as a backup) are required. The 27 SRs have the right to propose and vote on proposals, that can change several parameters in the TRON Network. Like Fees or also for activating new functions from updates.

Our main focus as a SRC is to inform and educate the community, and the development of tools for the TRON Network.

We don´t get many information much earlier than others, but by being active in developer channels and SRC Channels etc. we take part in many discussions about several TRON related things and proposals. Sometimes we take part in new stuff like the TRONZ Multi-Party Computation (MPC) which will bring anonymity to TRON in one of the next updates.

Blockcast: How confident are you of Tron? We have seen very good marketing and collaborations in the pipeline.

Marco: In terms of technology and products, I am relatively confident that TRON could become a large and leading player in the blockchain world. BTT alone has a very large potential. However, there is also an urgent need to work on mutual communication and support from TRON, where I believe there are little weaknesses.

Blockcast: How do you see the future of crypto for businesses?

Marco: Crypto or Blockchain has definitely very big potential for adoption into several businesses.

Finance, Media, Gaming, Traffic and supply chains are only some of the possible purposes. Many of them are already testing and are also working on implementation. Block will make things better or even cheaper for industry or in finance, but the normal user may not realize that he is using blockchain technology.

Blockcast: Do you think traditional businesses will accept crypto in the near future? How do you see it grow?

Marco: Crypto as payment has also big potential. But I don’t know if one of the existing coins will be used or for example an official USD Coin. For now, paying with crypto will stay small until for example, Amazon will accept crypto payments. A new bull run with new all-time highs may also be a help for adoption.

Blockcast: How do you see Bitcoin? What is the underlying value behind the big brother?

Marco: Bitcoin is number one. For me, BTC is comparable to Gold. A store of value.

BTC for payments (even with lightning) is for me no big deal. This will do others much better.

Blockcast: If we were to ask for your advice on the blockchain and crypto market, what is the top 3 advice you would give?

Marco: I can think of 3 pieces of advice right away.

1. Be aware of scammers (nobody gives you more back when you send something to them😉)

2. Before you invest, check a project if the blockchain really improves the use case and check the people behind it.

3. Not your key, not your cryptos. Be careful and don’t be deceived.

Blockcast: Any other things to share before we end this interview?

Marco: Behind me now are over 2 years of very intensive work with blockchain technology. I can say that the daily recommended dose was exceeded by far. A lot of advice was given, a lot of help was given and a lot of programming was done. Supports us and votes in the TRON-Blockchain for TRON-Family.

Blockcast: Thanks Marco. Your passion for blockchain and Tron is a big force for the community. Your views on the industry are very similar with us and some of our supporters like Paul Milton (who is helping us with the technology portion), Anndy Lian (who invested in us during the angel round), Sander B (our investment relations advisor) and more. Love to introduce you to them if you have not met them on Twitter. 

For those who want to reach out directly to Marco, you can follow his Twitter. 


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