In conversation with Steve Vilkas “The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.”

blockcast steve vilkas
blockcast steve vilkas

 1,283 total views Glad to be at our weekly in conversation session again. This is Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of and your moderator for today. We have Steve Vilkas with us today. Hi Steve, please tell give an introduction about yourself.

Steve: I am, in a word, curious. I’m also quite social and accredit that to the startup community as well as the memory of my late mother. You are a “dot connector”, what does this mean to you and to your connections around you?

Steve: Being a dot connector means being able to add and provide value to the people, places, and projects that are in alignment. I look for patterns, digging deeply in order to unearth and extract the jewels of opportunity hidden beneath the surface. How do you see the crypto market right now? Are you accustomed to the bullish times? Or you are expecting some downs too?

Steve: It’s an ever-evolving ecosystem. Due to this, the market is bound to experience both bullish and bearish cycles, due to all the factors and influences driving the forces of change. Anything on the rise will rarely move along a straight path. Do you think Bitcoin will continue to pick up? The rise in the Bitcoin price is way too fast for many, do you feel the same?

Steve: I do, however my optimism is decidely cautious. This is due to the fact that I am still learning my way around the cryptoverse and am averse to rushing. Slow and steady wins the race. Crypto has opened up new markets and drawn in new institutional money. Is this market closing down for retail investors?

Steve: I don’t think so. If anything we’ve seen an appreciable rise in retail investor interest and the market continues to prove accomodating. All that’s required to ensure continued diverse adoption is foresight on the part of the investors and a commitment on the part of players in the market to make the pathway accessible. In the last few years, many retail investors or “wannabe” investors like some would call them got “hurt” when they invested in crypto. Do you have any word of advice for them?

Steve: Don’t follow hype. Plan your crypto investment strategy carefully. Understand the risk before you proceed, and be willing to learn – no one knows everything. What about blockchain technology? Do you think it is positioned well?

Steve: I do. Blockchain technology has the capability of innovating, enhancing, and ultimately improving so many industries. The use cases are out there, but as with crypto there is an appreciable amount of hype as well. Relative to positioning I won’t make any predictions, but there does appear to be more of a concerted effort, on a global level, to advance the amount of work on some really fascinating projects. Blockchain technology helps with many things from financial, banking, payment, supply chain to medical and all. In your opinion, what is the main theme for blockchain in 2021?

Steve: The main theme will continue to be “innovation in our time” in my opinion. What this means is that the level of progress for every promising sector that blockchain technology can be integrated into may increase. Access to further knowledge through blockchain education and community building have the capability to power progress also. Share with us an inspiring quote for our readers.

Steve: Sure.

“The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.”
-Dr.Sun Yat Sen Thanks Steve. It is great speaking to you. We also hope you can introduce your friends to us too for the next interview. 

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