Interview Walter, Founder of NELO Metaverse “NFT Mining + Gamefi + Socialfi on BSC”


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1) Welcome to ABC. Kindly give a short introduction of yourself and your core team members.

Hi Everyone, I’m Walter, Founder of NELO Metaverse and Project Lead. I have been 15 years of experience in mobile app and game development, e-commerce solutions.
Our Core members are Senior Game dev, Vincent, who has 10 years of experience in Unity 2D/3D game development in PC/Mobile platform. And Marcus is a blockchain engineer with 4 years of experience in NFT development.

Besides Vincent and Marcus, don’t forget our Game Dev – Eddie and Game Artist – Charmaine in the team. We met each other from Facebook groups and had a lot of good time sharing and discussing how Metaverse we want to build.

2) What is NELO Metaverse? What is your value proposition?

In NELO Metaverse, Cores are NFT Yield Mining, Gamefi Play to earn and Socialfi token to fiat exchange. Of course, it can be expanded to more while we will discuss it among NELO Community.

We strongly believed that Metaverse, could not be just Gamefi Play to earn only. We should have more services for NELO token holders to utilize token such as staking/ mining NELO token and buy NFT items with token from our NFT market. Also, you can exchange NELO token to Fiat currency via Socialfi exchange platform, so by holding NELO token that you earned from NELO Metaverse can be helping you to handle living cost expenses and grow with NELO Community.

3) Walk us through your tokenomics and structure.

NELO Tokenomics is getting taxes 12% from Buy and Sell transactions, 4% is Reflection to all NELO token holders, 3% is adding into Liquidity pool and 5% is into NELO team wallet.

For the Structure of token, We are launching Presale with Whitelist only via PinkSale on 4th Nov UTC 0400 or GMT+8 (Msia/SIN time) at 12PM. It has been set 70% of Sold token/ BNB added into Pancakeswap pool for locked 1000 days. Locked away 25% of Token reserved for Ecosystem fund, Social Media Region Partnership, Development & Marketing by implemented Anti-Rug “ Vesting system “ locked 25% token, release 20% token after 30days and 10% token releasing every 30days.

4) Where will you be marketing yourself? Elaborate more, please.

At the start, we are honoured to have AMA with Besides this, we also had AMA with Pinksale community and Dubai Blockchain Community. On top of AMA, there are some community groups that are reaching to us and we are linked up with them, so NELO Metaverse can be introduced into different region community groups.

We also working on getting a strategic partnership from China/ US / Vietnam /Philippines /Indonesia for conducting a series of marketing events such as engaging Weibo/Twitter influencers, engaging local Youtubers promoting NELO, Local PR teams are distributing flyers at strategic locations.

5) What is your technology and development roadmap?

AT Phase 1, we are launching Project NELO Metaverse, growing the community and preparing to get listed by Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and FeixiaoHao. Also, we are on track to launch NELO NFT mining pool and NFT blindbox along with NFT marketplace.

AT Phase 2, we are focusing to launch NELO NFT Game Storms of War version 1 to bring Gamefi Play to Earn NELO token, also we planned to conduct NELO mini-game event for community members to participate in earning prizes in BNB reward. At this point, we should also get listed by one of the exchange platforms for more investors to purchase NELO token.

At Phase 3, we are launching Storms of War Version 2 and the 2nd NFT game Dragonite Legends Version 1. This phase will be an exciting period of time for all of us as we are bringing PVP gameplay for the community to earn and trading their NFT game items to help them stand better place to win PVP matches. Also, the new NFT game Dragonite legends will bring you similar gameplay experiences like Axie infinity, you buy and trade NFT dragon by consuming NELO token.

At Phase 4 and 5, we are launching Socialfi NELO token to Fiat exchange service. We provide a platform for members who want to sell NELO tokens into Fiat currency. We will partner with Payment Gateway providers for the services.

6) Revenue is something neglected by many startups. What are your revenue streams like?

We have 5% taxes from Buy & Sell transactions into NELO team wallet. As well another 5% of the token has been reserved for Development, mostly we will use this fund to hire 1 or 2 Community managers and a few full-time developers to work with Core team members in order to speed up the dev progress and fine-tune the services.

Many investors will worry that the project team mass-selling tokens to make profits at the beginning. That is why we decided to lock those tokens we are not going to need them in the first few months. We are a team of developers grouping together to build the product & services, making quick profits is not what we needed but we do really need “ days “ to build and keep track of the project development to update NELO community.

7) Tell us about Storms of War. What is so fun about it? How is NFT being used in the game?

Gameplay of Storms of War are PVE , PVP and KVK ( Kingdom vs Kingdom ). We designed that gamers can earn NELO token by getting their NFT game characters from NFT blindbox or NFT marketplace. So Gamers can form a team of 5 NFT characters to start the game.
In PVE, there are different maps/stages with difficulty levels, you clear the stages you earned NELO Token.

In PVP, there are a few levels of Pool you can pay NELO token as an entry fee to register and participate in the fights, Winners take NELO token prizes from Pool.

In KVK, there is a map with 3 to 5 regions. Each region represents a Kingdom and there are NFT Lands for Gamers to buy or Bid so you can earn NELO token as Land Owner. Each Land Owner needs to consume NELO tokens for developing the Kingdom to get Attack / Defend power up. Gameplay is when Kingdom A declare war against Kingdom B, all land owners will consumed NELO token to participate the war and send a team to fight each other. The war decides the winner by War Points System. The Prize of Winner will take all NELO token in the pool and distribute to land owners.

8) In a recent article, Asia is rising fast for blockchain game adoption. What plans do you have for Asia?

Yes. In past times, Gamers are playing PC games or mobile app games. But thanks to Gamefi, more gamers are interested in NFT games which do not only bring fun to them, as well earn token for exchanging into other cryptos or even Fiat currency.

We aim to build better gaming environments for Gamers, perhaps we can form an Asia Gamefi Alliance as a platform so we can communicate and share, as most of NELO team members we are gamers too. If there is a chance, we hope that we can meet & listen to those gamers who are interested be game developers so we may plan a mentorship programme for them, then we all can learn and build large scale NFT games together from NELO Community.

9) How do you see the future of Metaverse?

Infinity. Metaverse has endless without bound. As of today, NELO Metaverse is building around NELO token and its services to serve the community. But we can also invite other token projects into NELO Metaverse for sharing and building services together, so Metaverse has been levelled up and servicing two communities at the same time. Sooner, there will have more services from our daily life migrating into Crypto Metaverse, it takes time but it is not impossible.

10) Can you share an inspiring quote for your community members?

Stay with NELO and Trust the Process. Every NELO token holders are part of the community, we stay and grow together. We focus to get promises delivered and Wealth will come to us eventually.

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