Interviews Steven, Co-founder of ZOOSHI “Be the change you want to see in the world”


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1) Good day and thanks for coming by $ZOOSHI. Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Steven, I’m the co-founder, owner and operator of Zooshi. My team consists of the best programmers on BSC, the best marketing team every, and a rabid community I consider part of my family as well.

2) What ZOOSHI? What is it all about? Why did you start this?

Zooshi is a movement, an idea of sorts: We want to make sure that our holders go to sleep at night knowing they are going to wake up to anything but a rug. We put out good, original arcade games that actually payout in zooshi. Our rewards are paid out hourly. We receive feedback and we implement what our community wants.

Why did we start this movement? Because we are tired of scams and rugs. And our community was too

3) Please tell us more about your tokenomics.

We have a super unique system:

5% buy tax, where 2% go to rewards, 1%% goes to liquidity, and 2% goes to fueling our jackpots for our games.

16% sell tax: 10% goes to reward our hodlers, 1% goes to liquidity, 2% goes to fueling the jackpot, and 3% goes towards marketing costs.

4) Why did you choose $SUSHI for paid out?

Because we were huge fans of Sushiswap and what they did. It also hadn’t been done before in the space

5) What is your marketing plan for this bullish month?

Well, it might be a little bullish right now, but we don’t know if it would stay this good!

We plan on carrying on with our default marketing plan: ads in your face everywhere, the best voice chat on BSC, daily giveaways, and a jackpot that increases for each game and fuels our buyback system! No one does it better

6) I know you are building your technology, your games. What other tech development do you have in your roadmap?

NFTs. NFTs. NFTs. IT’s all we hear about. We currently have 5 highly skilled artists commissioned to do several hundred NFTs for us. My animal is going to be an albino lobster….but that’s just me. We hope to soon have an NFT marketplace.

7) Your revenue streams are clear, you encourage users to play, win and earn. Will you eventually work on something offline? Maybe a real physical arcade?

No. A physical arcade is not in the plans, although it would be pretty cool to see

8) Can you tell us more about FEAST, WHEEL and LOTTERY in detail, please?

FEAST – our main game, where most of our time is put into. We plan on basing our play-to-earn mechanics around having your wallet connected in-game to earn zooshi and NFTs while you level up

WHEEL – spin the wheel, win the jackpot! You never bust with the wheel, you always win!

LOTTERY – pick numbers, win 2 – 10x on your prediction! Very fun.

9) BSC family, BNB and all rising. What are your views on this rise? How will it impact ZOOSHI?

BNB rising does not equate to the rise in BSC coins. BSC coins all around us are stagnant dead. Zooshi will rise, like the phoenix in its cage, it will rise from the ashes of fallen BSC coins.

But seriously, we’re focused on making Zooshi the best in the space in BSC. And we are far from our goal, but we will get there

10) We end this segment with an inspiring quote as always. Can we have the honour to hear that from you too?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Here at zooshi we are providing never before seen levels of innovation to provide our community with features that enable huge rewards and constant buy pressure just through participation.

We are providing the changes we wanted to see in the DeFi space, as current buyback mechanisms were lacking any form of adoption and innovation that the crypto community was searching for.

Along with outplaying to earn game that provides rewards through involvement including NFT’s for the top scorers, we are giving community members amazing ways to earn assets in totally unique ways.

We are also giving back to zoo conservation charities which also exemplifies our community-driven values, providing outcomes to issues we see as in need.

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