Meets Alexander Vergara, Founding Contributor at Earth Fund “Join the decentralized community building a better tomorrow.”

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1) For starters, please tell us more about yourself and also introduce us to your team.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our project with your community it is a great honour. My name is Alexander Vergara and I am a founding contributor and community leader at Earth Fund. Our team has been working on this project for a bit over four and half months now and are excited to present it to the world. We recently opened our telegram channel on Oct 5th and have started our social media and marketing campaign and have seen a great reaction from many different communities and professionals.

Our team includes:
Fintech entrepreneurs, wall street consultants, in house general counsel, website designers and full-stack developers, brand consultants, copywriters, blockchain developers to name a few. We represent at least 6 countries.

You can see some of our team here:

2) What is Earth Fund and 1Earth? What is your core purpose in this cryptoverse?

Earth Fund uses blockchain technology to build on and improve existing approaches to giving and governance. For Phase 1, we’ll be launching the 1Earth token and funding causes by giving the Earth Fund DAO control of the Earth Fund Foundation treasury. For Phase 2, we’ll be building a blockchain GoFundMe that sits on top of the 1Earth Giving Protocol, both changing the way Big Ideas get the funding they need to change the world.

In short, Earth Fund is the giving platform we are building on the blockchain and 1Earth is our native token. We are using blockchain to change the way we fund and support world-changing ideas.

3) Can you share with us your tokenomics and structure? How will this benefit the community and fund the good clauses?

The 1Earth token protocol is based around a funding mechanism powered by transaction fees and liquidity pool rewards.

This fee happens every time somebody:
– Buys or sells 1Earth
– Claims liquidity pool staking rewards
– Receives rewards and pool tokens
– Transfers 1Earth between wallets

This 5% fee is split across the comprehensive ecosystem of features that make
up the Earth Fund protocol.

This is our token structure:


More information can be found at

4) What are your upcoming marketing activities?

We are currently in phase one of community building which includes:
Telegram AMAs in multiple quality communities
Press releases and news features
Youtube and TikTok influencers
A consistent social media presence and strategy

I also have structured youtube appearances that follow the following schedule:
Monday and Thursdays: Contributor Spotlight interviews (
Tuesdays and Fridays: Team Updates (
Wednesdays: Earth Fund community AMA (

5) What are your technology development plans like?

We are creating a giving platform on the blockchain similar to Gofundme
It is being built with the user experience in mind first (similar model to apple). Our main investor specializes in UX development.
As a secondary application, we are building a staking dApp that rewards users for participating in the DAO decentralized autonomous organization.

6) Where else are your revenue generator? Are you planning to do other complementing business like recycling, business consultancy to have more revenue streams?

We have a 2.5% management fee built into our tokenomics, there is also a fee built into the giving platform as well. The long term goal is to create the gold standard for blockchain projects and with the system repeat the process with other future ventures.

7) What other partnerships or MOUs do you have in the pipeline?

Last week we announced our strategic partnership with Upstate Interactive, a blockchain and software development business owned and operated by women. Aside from their web3 building skills they are also consulting us for our DAO. Their team participates in Meta Gamma Delta, a DAO for the empowerment of women in blockchain.

8) We have quite a few VCs in this community, friends of our founders. Where can they take part in your private rounds?

We are currently in the process of finalizing our entity in St. Vincent in the Caribbean. We have already legally registered in Wyoming USA as Earth Fund DAO and our St. Vincent entity would be the entity deploying the tokens. This was advised to us by in house counsel and outsourced counsel and the best steps for the DAO.

9) Share an inspiring quote for our community, please. We want to learn from you.

The idea that I will share comes from the Indian book Bhagavad Gita.

Four lessons of the story are as follows:

● Know who you are- leverage your strengths and limit your liabilities

● Make decisions based on what is the right thing to do versus making decisions
based on potential outcomes. This way you will always make the right decision.
Remember that you have no control over the outcome

● Relinquish the result- it’s not about what you get but what you do with it

● Whatever the result is turn it to God- accept it and own it.