Exclusive AMA with Rise Up Token: One-stop-shop platform to research on Binance Smart Chain


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1) Rise Up is a good movement for the crypto community. Can you introduce yourself and your core members?

My name is Yaz Rabah also know in the community as “Neko” we also have our cofounder Davy “WAR”, head of social media Brandon @TheRiseUpNetworker and Bull who is our second Dev on the project.

2) Tell us in detail what is “Rise Up”?

Rise up is a community built to establish communication and safety for investors in the Binance community. Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop-shop platform to research and do your due diligence before getting into a project.

3) How do you help to fight and protect investors from scams? We love to know this.

We have assembled a team of knowledgeable people to investigate any issues people are concerned about in the projects they are invested in. We also guide people to the right tools to use before investing in any project.

4) Can you share about your tokenomics? 

Yes absolutely, our tokenomics are as follows:

Total Supply: 1 quadrillion Rise up tokens
Burn: 33.3569%:
Pre-Sale: 40%: 400 Trillion
Pancake: 28.8%: 288 Trillion
Team Tokens: 3%: 30 Trillion

12% tax on each transaction. The 12% is converted to BNB and distribute as follows:
8% to Buyback Whale
2% marketing
2% Team

5) When you said $RiseUp is the next growth token with innovative token buyback. How are you compared with the rest of the similar tokens in the market now?

We have implemented features to protect our buyback “whale” from malicious activity. We have set a minimum buyback feature that also includes a blacklist feature to ban any bots that try to attack our project. We also have a manual buyback feature that will allow us to buy back tokens and burn them at will.

6) The Rise Up smart contract is capable of both configurable automatic and fully manual token buyback. What additional features are you planning with these capabilities?

We will be able to buy back tokens when we believe the chart needs help. We will also be able to offset any big sales that would affect the chart in a drastic way.

7) Your roadmap comprises mainly marketing activities. Can we know more about your business and technology footprints?

Absolutely we are currently working on a rug screen utility that people will be able to enter the contract number and it will scan it for possible scams and malicious contract codes, holders, ECT. We also plan in the very near future to work on a launchpad platform where developers will have to KYC on the platform before launching their pre-sale through the platform while at the same time auditing the contract. This will allow the platform to check for malicious items in code. We want investors to know that there is a safe place that they can invest and get into projects without having to worry Of been rug pulled or scammed every time they enter a new project.

8) “It’s time to rise up.” If I tell you crypto winter is in September, how is the project going to fend this off to continue your journey? Do you have a backup plan?

Crypto winter 🥶 We believe the timing right now is right for us as we approach the Crypto winter. By then we will have our first utility released which will create traffic and more investors by then. Also, with our fraud prevention campaign that we launched on Twitter and all social media platforms people will recognize what we’re trying to do for the community and they already appreciate all the hard work that the team is doing. There’s also why we have a marketing team wallet so when the times are tough our people are taken care of to keep moving forward to achieve the goals that our project has.

9) What can we expect to see for RiseUp in July and August. Can you share some secret plans with us?

Our plans right now for July and August is to continue building a strong community that stands against all the scams and projects out there that take away precious time in people’s lives when they’re stuck on their PCs and telephones looking at the chart all day wondering if they’re going to get rug pulled or if they’re going to make money. We also hope to set a standard in the Binance smart chain Community. We want to teach people how to ask questions when going into projects such as: Are the developers doxxed? Is it liquidity locked? What are certain codes of the contract there for? And what is the use for those codes to be in the contract? We need to set a standard in Crypto because sooner or later our children, our parents, and everyone we know will be in Crypto. This is our future and if we don’t change it now then our families will be affected by this forever. It’s time that we clean up this BSC network and restore the authenticity of the Binance Smart Chain.

10) To end this segment, I would like you to share with us an inspiring quote.

There a lot of inspirational quotes to share but this one always stand out to me:

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new


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