In Conversation with Passionate Bitcoiner Brandon Quittem “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

Blockcastcc In Conversation with Passionate Bitcoiner Brandon Quittem
Blockcastcc In Conversation with Passionate Bitcoiner Brandon Quittem

 157 total views Tonight at our weekly segment, we have Brandon Quittem,  a passionate Bitcoiner like myself. First of all, tell us about yourself. Your background, life, hobbies, education background and experiences.


Brandon: Thanks Jenny for the invite. I am an entrepreneur, writer, consultant, and speaker broadly focused on the intersection between biology and technology. I believe Bitcoin is an evolutionary catalyst with immense potential. My articles have been read by more than 2 million people online. Most well known for exploring Bitcoin through the lens of decentralized network organisms such as mycelium

I am currently working for and helps other Bitcoin companies with email marketing and content marketing. In a previous life, I have sold ERP Software for Oracle, ran a college newspaper, and travelled the world building bootstrapped online businesses. 

My personal interests include- Surfing, Fungi, Travel, Yoga, Wilderness backpacking, Gardening, Reading, Rock climbing, and wild food. What is your most exciting moment during joining this industry? 


Brandon: Most exciting moment was when I released the first article in the Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money series. It was shared widely around the internet and opened many doors in my future career within the bitcoin space. What is the saddest moment too, if you don’t mind sharing?

Brandon: Saddest moment was realizing that I couldn’t learn about bitcoin 24 hrs per day. Instead, I had to find time to sleep, eat, and maintain a social life to survive 😉 We have seen quite a few of altcoin dying or already dead. Do you think the altcoins market will grow? 


Brandon: I personally do not think very highly of altcoins. 99% of them are pointless and will eventually be worthless. 

That being said, I do think the altcoin market will pump during the next Bitcoin bull market. The altcoin market is so small and there is tremendous information asymmetry which will likely temporarily push altcoin prices much higher before crashing again. 

Long term it’s all about Bitcoin. I do see there are many issues in the crypto market, from scams, liquidity to fundings. How do you think the crypto market can grow from its current state? 


Brandon: Bitcoin is going through a period of financialization. The banks and big businesses are all starting to get involved. This will lead to more onramps, more liquidity, and a more sophisticated investor base. 

Although this will push the price higher, I’m more interested in normal people front running the banks and watching the p2p market increase with businesses like Paxful. Where is the crypto market heading? Is it still going to be bearish? Or bullish in the next 6 months. 


Brandon: By pretty much any metric you can find, Bitcoin is looking extremely bullish. 85% of the coin supply is “upon their investment” and over 65% of the active supply hasn’t moved in at least one year. The macro landscape offers a huge tailwind to both gold and bitcoin. 

I’m long Bitcoin and it’s irresponsible not to own some in 2020. Are there any exciting projects upcoming that you want to share with us?


Brandon: I am very excited for Bitcoin onramps that make it easy for people to automatically purchase Bitcoin. The rational approach is to dollar-cost-average into Bitcoin every week. This minimizes volatility risk and removes the emotional feeling of fear and greed. 

For example, At SwanBitcoin you can set up an “automatic purchase plan.” You connect your bank account, then we automatically buy bitcoin for you every week. Disclosure: I work for Swan (and I’m a happy user) Please share with our readers an inspiring quote.



“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

I really like this quote because it reminds you that struggles are ultimately good for us. We get challenged and grow because of it. 

I also picked this quote because it applies to Bitcoin. Every time the Bitcoin community vigorously debates about the future of the protocol, this leads to positive outcomes. 

I call this the “Bitcoin Culture Wars.” The narratives get challenged which ultimately minimises the attack surface, refines the core message, and lowers the user acquisition cost. Wise words indeed. The challenges we are facing in this industry are just beginning. The debates are necessary to make sure that all grounds are covered. But I do like to mention that in order for this space to grow, we need better people, we need people who are passionate and knowledgable. Our journey in the tech space is just beginning.

Thanks, Brandon for your time. Visit Brandon’s Twitter page at @Bquittem

To all our readers, my name is Jenny Zheng, Co-founder of and its group of companies, please stay tuned to our next interview and give your utmost support for Brandon. 




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