Interview with Lili Chen, Boston Blockchain Association “Tough situations never last, but tough people do.”

blockcastcc lilichen BBC
blockcastcc lilichen BBC

 284 total views Happy New Year all. This is Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of At the start of 2021, we manage to interview with Lili Chen, Membership Director at Boston Blockchain Association. Hi Lili, please tell us more about yourself. Your career, education and hobbies too if you want.

Lili: I’ve been working in the marketing and business operations fields ever since I completed my MBA. As my interest in blockchain has grown, I’ve gradually transitioned into more technical areas of study and will be starting a Masters in Cyber Security at Georgia Tech in January.

In my spare time, I like being outdoors and enjoy photography. I’m also an avid swimmer! Can you tell us more about Boston Blockchain Association? What is your mission, vision and all?

Lili: At the Boston Blockchain Association, our mission is essentially threefold: First: Our organization aims to educate, promote, support and ultimately advance blockchain technology. Next: We want to see Greater Boston become an international hub for blockchain innovation. Last but not least: We want to empower our blockchain entrepreneurs and act as a resource for them. Boston Blockchain Association must be doing lots during this period of time where most of us are literally locked down. Can you tell us some of the activities for the past few months?

Lili: When Boston was locked down to prevent the virus spreading in Spring 2020, we followed suit and did our part to slow the spread. Unfortunately, Boston Blockchain Week was cancelled in March. Digital transformation accelerated – it was a pivotal moment for many of us.

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We shifted all of our meetings to virtual and began working remotely. To our surprise, though the BBA disconnected physically we found we were reaching a massive audience due to online accessibility. Subsequently, we were able to connect with peers in the blockchain space from all four corners of the globe. Our passion for education and community building made it possible to convert a difficult decision into an opportunity for better engagement.

We planned our events strategically, in part to increase our event cadence to bi-monthly, and also to introduce blockchain projects that are leading Pandemic Response efforts.

For example, in April, we hosted a discussion on the people, places and projects helping to address the public health crisis caused by COVID-19. We were able to showcase how our Blockchain community here in Boston as well as nationally were rising to the occasion to combat the pandemic.

Later, In July, we invited the IBM Blockchain Solution Leader for Healthcare and Life Science to explain how IBM’s supply chain was supporting governments, hospitals and companies to get critical health care supplies.

Besides hosting event operations at BBA were conducted as usual, only virtually. We continued to assist startup companies with incubators and resources necessary to help them launch, scale and succeed.

I consider it incredibly important for us to be working with other blockchain associations, and we’re in the process of building a broader, more interactive and transparent blockchain ecosystem across the nation. What are the plans moving forward for BBA in 2021 assuming the travel ban is lifted?

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Lili: Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we are planning for 2021 carefully. We are planning to co-host Boston Fintech Week and Boston Blockchain Week in Fall 2021. Hopefully, things will be improved by then, and allow for in-person events. We’ll also have a presence at the Government Blockchain Week.

Events aside, we will announce and roll out a few of our major projects in 2021. What is the most valuable feature for blockchain technology in your humble opinion?

Lili: Protection from corrupt transactions and fraud for example. Transparency is key, and both the beauty and brilliance of blockchain technology is the philosophical and technological consensus built on trust. Do you still think there is a lack in understanding for blockchain in the corporate world at the current moment?

Lili: During my encounters with people in different industries, it’s almost always brought up in conversation that executive education is the key for blockchain adoption in the corporate sector. At, we believe that SME is the key to blockchain adoption. What do you think of this statement?

Lili: It is my observation that some of the large corporations have set aside funding to research blockchain-related projects. And many smaller sized companies are already building projects on blockchain technology, trying to leverage the blockchain technology to improve efficiency and productivity. Bitcoin’s value has increased significantly in 2020, what do you think 2021 would look like?

Lili: While my main focus in the space is to identify promising enterprise blockchain projects, I also pay some attention to things happening throughout our world including BTC-related news.

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I’m also exploring the DeFi space, just to keep myself informed. In 2020, many large corporations have started investing in BTC. There are some projections of Bitcoin being very bullish, some are less so. I.e. CNBC: Chart points to bitcoin ‘peaking out’ in early 2021, trader says.

We shall see. How about the altcoins? Which coins did well in your personal view?

Lili: While I’m not that big of a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I think it’s possible that ETH could be bullish if Etherum 2.0 is rolled out successfully. Stable coins are worth watching. My personal approach is to study the underlying blockchain projects, and understand them before making any investment. Last but not least, share with us an inspiring quote.

Lili: This is the quote.

“Tough situations never last, but tough people do.” Thanks Lili, knowing what you are doing at Boston is good. We hope to partner your association in 2021. 


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