Interview with Martin Speight, CEO of “IEOs are much more than a simple sale of tokens”


 736 total views,  1 views today Morning folks, this is Melody Chan, the Managing Partner of Before anything else, I had a long conversation with Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin last week and I thought it would be good to interview him before his IEO 3 with

Good morning Martin.

Martin: Good morning Melody. What are your strategies moving ahead for this IEO in particular?

Martin: Great question. Without giving away our whole strategy (for obvious reasons) let me give you a quick overview of what we are doing. Let’s do that!

Martin: We have a complete strategy to take us from an unlisted token to a fully listed token on all the major exchanges with solid daily volume and token demand. Our multiple IEOs across different exchanges and marketplaces helps us achieve that. The IEOs you are seeing form part of a bigger plan. What is your pricing and token value strategy moving forward?

Martin: In the crypto world, we have all seen many tokens from other company’s previous listings lose a lot of their value immediately when they list, mainly because the price discovery happens upon the actual listing. There has been no price action prior to listing, so the market is trying to work out what the token value actually is. We have learned from this and plan to create solid price action and a history of buying activity under our final listing price. I think what you have planned is just about right. This plan is easier to achieve in smaller controlled steps, allowing you to accurately gauge market demand to ensure success in your IEO listings.

Martin: We have created our strategy after lengthy (and ongoing) discussions with people with a history of launching ICOs and IPOs (non-crypto, real-world company stock launches), and we are using this accumulated experience. The IEOs we have done, and the upcoming IEO have been with exchanges that have very much impressed us despite not being the biggest names out there right now. Gaimin is a well-backed project with much help. How do you see the IEOs so far? Is it just a money-making scheme?

Martin: Definitely not. Our IEOs are much more than a simple sale of tokens. In each case, we have flown to those markets, met key people and influencers, run meetups, held round-table discussions, spoken on panels, and given presentations, all with the intention of marketing the company, building key alliances and building the base for user acquisition. The bigger goal is to create marketing buzz for the project in key gaming marketplaces. The end goal for us is about growing the user base of gamers who love our project. We are capitalizing on the IEOs with that in mind. We know our final token value will be controlled by market influences (like demand) and our token demand will be directly linked to how many and how quickly we grow our user base. All our pre-listing marketing has this bigger objective. Share some insights with us before you go.

Martin: Continuing from what I have already said: IEOs are much more than a simple sale of tokens. Our process allows us to create a story of success; again this is all part of the bigger marketing plan of the whole project. I cannot give more details at the moment. Suffice to say we have a plan, and at every stage, you see us moving a step further down our path. Thanks Martin. Have a good IEO. For more information on the IEO with Biconomy, head down to or to find out more.

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