Interview with Sander de Bruijn, Head of Community Success at Momentum Labs “Change doesn’t always mean success but success always mean change.”


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1) Dear Sander, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?
My name is Sander de Bruijn. I have over 22,000 connections on Linkedin and have been impacting people’s health and well being for more than a decade.

2) How did you get involved with this project?
One of my friends in The Netherlands, Job Berg, introduced me to the company in 2018 and I was attracted to their tech solution to automate and innovate loyalty programs. Tokenizing loyalty points and using AI to predict customer behaviour will be the biggest innovation in the loyalty market. That’s why I have decided to purchase MMTM tokens myself. The company asked me to join the investor relations team. Now in 2021 I have rejoined the team as Head of Community Success and I’m excited to be part of this team and growing the company internationally.

3) Can you tell us more about Momentum Labs? What problems are Momentum Labs solving?
First of all, let me tell you what are the current problems with the loyalty rewards problem.

1. Inaccessibility. Customers will not participate in a loyalty program that has complex accessibility.
2. Confusion. Loyalty programs like rewards points or special discounts have been in business practice for many years.
3. Unappealing. The points are often converted into things that we do not want.
4. Obsolete. It is troublesome and obsolete and often the programs do not interact with their customers.

Momentum Labs is a one-of-a-kind cognitive platform for loyalty programs implemented over a blockchain infrastructure. The platform harnesses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help businesses better understand customer behaviour, predict churn before it happens, and prevent it. Momentum Labs is set to revolutionize the world of retention marketing and customer loyalty, redefining the way companies build programs and manage relationships with their customers.

4) We are in the bull market now. What are the plans for Momentum Labs?
The MMTM token will be listed on the decentralized exchange “Uniswap” on May 10th and other exchanges will follow. We are excited to onboard companies to implement our loyalty solutions. Our first listing is on Uniswap. They remain the clear market leader in the decentralized category. We hope to let their users know about MMTM.

5) Your social community is growing, what is your secret formula?
Our community is primarily growing organic when our followers, ambassadors and token holders are inviting others to join our community. Recently we have been increasing our communications on our social channels like Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Also working with the team, has increased our visibility and attracted more presence.

6) After hearing from you, it makes a lot of sense to shift onto Momentum Labs platform, what should interested parties do to get on the platform?
Momentum Labs’s solutions allow brands to launch or convert their own loyalty assets (points and miles), auto exchangeable with other company loyalty assets using seamless peer to peer matching and exchange technologies so that consumers make the most out of their loyalty program participation, driving engagement, retention, unprecedented cross-vertical data insight and individual as well as cluster behaviour prediction turning loyalty programs into a strong data machine and revenue driver.

We offer a full tailored demo to fully understand the bottom-line benefits. Companies can contact me at [email protected] to schedule an introduction via zoom video call.

7) How long do you think this crypto bull run will go on?
Although there are many gloomy predictions, I think the broader cryptocurrency markets will continue to thrive till 2022. You can see that Bitcoin is still doing well, almost $60,000 today. Altcoins have also increased in price and acceptance this year. Looking at these fundamentals, it suggests that the 2021 bull run is far from over.

8) Share an inspiring quote for our readers, please.
Change doesn’t always mean success but success always mean change.

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Date of interview: 8 May 2021
Time of interview: 8.00 am KST
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