Blockchain coding class this time… Seok-Yeol Yoon “I am the Fortran generation, gaining insight


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Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol (second from right) visits a startup in the blockchain field on the 24th to meet founders. From the left, except for former President Yoon, Nonce Ha-eun, Jae-seok Kim, co-representative of Nine Corporation, and Beom-gyu Lee, CEO of Team Sparta (provided by former President Yoon)

On the 28th, it was confirmed that the former prosecutor general Yoon Seok-yeol, who is continuing in secret, recently visited a startup in the blockchain field and had a conversation with the founders about coding and blockchain.

After leaving the prosecutors’ office in March, former President Yun has been regarded as the most influential leader in the opposition, but has been immersing himself in the field-specific’large athletes’ without any public activity.

On the 24th, he met Jae-seok Kim, CEO of Teamsparta, an online coding education platform, Lee Beom-gyu, and Ha-eun Ha-eun of Nonce, a shared space for blockchain entrepreneurs.

CEO Lee Bum-gyu said in a call with News 1 on the same day, “We met around 3 pm on the 24th to talk at the Nine Corporation office, stopped by Nonce, and came back to the office to talk.” It is said that the meeting took place at the suggestion of former President Yun.

Representative Lee said, “After hearing the explanation about the blockchain, former President Yoon looked around Nonce and came to the office of (Timsparta) to get an explanation of the overall coding education,” he said. “I knew about coding to some extent.”

Specifically, “There is an old (computer programming) language called’Fortran’, and he said that he was a person in that language and that coding was difficult at that time.” It was amazing,” he said.

Yoon also said, “I am surprised and proud that I am trying to learn whether it is related to development or not.” E.) Shouldn’t I have to put it in the curriculum or something,” Lee said.

“I didn’t even know how to learn coding online, but I am surprised that so many people are learning coding online, and not necessarily for development, but for self-development,” said Jeon Yoon, who finished talking with entrepreneurs. It is said that he said, “I get a lot of new insights I didn’t think of.”

Former President Yoon is believed to be immersing himself in the’preparatory presidential class’ while studying various fields such as labor, diplomacy and security, and economy. On the 17th, I visited the Seoul National University Semiconductor Research Institute. The declaration of participation in politics has not yet been made, but the declaration of ‘grading’ is most popular in June.

The authorities he has met so far are Hyung-Seok Kim, Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University, Professor Seung-guk Jung, Professor of Social Welfare Department of Chung-Ang Seungga University, Professor Seung-Han Kim, Professor of Graduate School of International Studies at Korea University, Soon-Woo Kwon, President of Korea Institute of Self-Employment, and Deok-Kyun Chung, Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University.

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