Native blockchain startup DSRV LABS attracts 3 billion won investment


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DSRV promotional image (provided by DSRV)

Blockchain startup DSRV LABS announced on the 11th that it has attracted 3 billion won worth of investment (Series A) from KB Investment. With this investment, DSRV LABS has achieved a cumulative investment of about 4 billion won.

This investment is significant in that it is the first case that a blockchain validator company has attracted investment from a large institution. DSRV LABS is recognized for its competitiveness from global partners based on proven technology and solutions in the blockchain core area.

DSRV LABS is a validator that supports multiple blockchains and provides infrastructure services that enable clients to easily and safely participate in a proof-of-stake (PoS) network by verifying the validity of newly created blocks (information storage units) and monitoring the network in real time. .

The company is working as a technical advisory committee and professional validator, recognized for its outstanding excellence and safety in its core technology capabilities from leading overseas projects such as the global blockchain network’Tera’,’Cello’ and’Near’. It was also commissioned as DAO validation data of the’Lido Protocol’, the flagship project of Ethereum 2.0.

​​​​​Kae Ai Ji-ae, director of KB Investment, said, “DSRV LABS is a validation data company composed of members with high understanding of the blockchain market and excellent development power. It is expected to show “investment background.”

​​​Kim Ji-yoon, CEO of DSRV LABS, said, “Our strength is to provide the safest and most convenient distributed economy infrastructure at the point of time customers want based on world-class technology.” Furthermore, we will grow as a service infrastructure provider (provider) that can meet a wide range of business needs.”

DSRV LABS plans to grow into Asia’s leading blockchain infrastructure company by hiring talent from all professions such as developers, communications, and research based on the investment funds it attracted that day.

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