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Imagine moving everything in real life into the virtual world, what would it be like? You may feel far away, but in fact it is happening. During the spread of the epidemic last year, the graduates of the University of California, Berkeley held a special graduation ceremony in the virtual game “Minecraft”, and another more amazing thing was the Travis Scott line held on Fort Night. The concert attracted 12.3 million players online in real time.

Yes, Metaverse has arrived. In particular, the value elements brought by encryption technology have given Metaverse new imagination, and builders, game players, and investors have poured in. Some people praise it as the next carrier of human civilization, while others question its overheating.

In any case, it deserves our attention and consideration. What kind of spark will Metaverse + blockchain collide with? What are the specific use cases? How to understand its value and potential? Lianwen has selected in-depth and good articles related to Metaverse to take you to fully understand the application status and value potential of Metaverse in the blockchain field.

Metaverse and blockchain

Towards the Void: The Universe Where Crypto and Metaverse Meet
Encryption technology is the social infrastructure of the future. On top of it, a set of self-managed financial system, an open and open source creator economy, and a virtual identity across different networks (your wallet, assets, social status) have been built. Etc.) and a new form of ownership based on NFT (non-fungible tokens).

Comprehensive analysis of Metaverse features, use cases and integration trends with NFT
NFT allows Metaverse to exist in an open, trustless form, and to achieve decentralized ownership.

Why is Metaverse a rising digital kingdom on Ethereum?”
Ethereum provides Metaverse with a highly shared and digitally native ecological economic infrastructure.

HashKey: Overview of Metaverse Application Status and Development Trends in the Blockchain Field
NFT games are the most compatible direction with Metaverse, and some featured projects have shown the embryonic form of Metaverse.

Understand the value and potential of Metaverse

Metaverse has exploded overnight, how to understand the value and potential of the “virtual world”?
Metaverse is currently one of the hottest concepts in the field of technology and games. Understanding Metaverse will help us better understand the darlings in the crypto industry that are also in the spotlight: NFT and blockchain games.

Post-NFT Era: NFT Assets and Social Tokens Will Be Returned to Yuan Universe
The collection that best represents this era may not be the AJ that everyone rushed, but the NFT.

The New Era of Digital Fashion: What trends have Metaverse and NFT set off?
The integration of various technologies is accelerating the process of the emergence of Metaverse, which requires human beings to be able to express themselves.

Metaverse in the eyes of the elite

Tao Rongqi Dialogue with Dapper Labs: NFT, Chain Tour and Metaverse
NGC Ventures founding partner Tony Tao and Dapper Labs CBO Mik Naayem discussed the status quo, development opportunities and challenges of NFT and blockchain games.

Interview with Nvidia Huang Renxun: Cryptocurrency World View and Meta-Universal Dream
Huang Renxun shared his views on the combination of NFT, Metaverse, Ethereum and the future of virtual reality, and introduced Nvidia’s Metaverse infrastructure Omniverse.

Founder of DappReview: Talking about NFT and Metaverse as I understand it
Ethereum is a Metaverse without a cool front end.

Metaverse moments of experience

A Journey to the Future: This expedition of hundreds of people experienced a “meta universe” life on Children’s Day
In the future, the “meta universe” will become a real world. In this world, what we have is a life completely different from the physical world.

Stones from Other Mountains | Betting on “Meta Universe”, Crypto Rich People Spending Money to Buy Virtual Land
At the same time that metaverse became popular in the scientific and technological world, another concept emerged in the crypto world, non-homogeneous tokens (NFT). When the two meet, the blockchain meta-universe becomes the focus of people’s pursuit.

The Exhibition of Chinese Thoughts on Rural Construction” is launched on Decentraland to experience the city of Beibei 80 years ago in a virtual space .
Recreating the urban style of Beibei from the 1930s to the 1940s, the Decentraland virtual space synchronized a one-month online exhibition.

From Second Life to Decentraland, what changes are happening in the virtual world?
Blockchain and smart contracts are changing the ownership, economic system and governance system of the virtual world.

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