Exclusive Interview with Umair Masoom, Founder of MContent “Fuelling the content revolution through Fintech.”


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1) Dear Umair, thank you for coming by this evening. Where are you based? Can you give an introduction of yourself? Your past experiences too.

I am based in Dubai and I am a leadership professional with over 2 decades of work experience in marketing leadership roles within different industries including media and content, automotive, financial services, entertainment. I am a disruption supporter and change agent who believes that every complex problem in this world has a simple solution; every unserved or underserved need has a corresponding need that fulfils the first need.

2) Thanks for the information. Can you share with us what is MContent? What is your vision and mission statement?

So MContent is a digital ecosystem that will solve one of the greatest gaps in the World of Content as we know it today. MContent is introducing the world’s first content funding ecosystem that aims to build a collaborative & self-sustaining fund with the core purpose of seed funding, incubating and curating film-makers and content producers around the World.

This platform will create direct financing and investments for deserving content creators, film professionals who have the talent but not the resources giving them access to global investors as well as a global audience.

Our vision is fuelling a content revolution by creating scalability, mass adaption & crowdfunding using the power of fintech and blockchain.

Our mission statement is creating a collaborative content ecosystem that self-funds & fuels the creation, trade, consumption and production of content around the world.

3) Tell us more about your tokenomics

10% percent transaction tax:

· 4% is allocated to the Content Creators Fund (“CCF”) which is used in various ways to fund and pay for content creation within the platform
· 5% is taken in order to build the Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap further securing the price floor
· 1% is redistributed to all MContent holders, generating passive income over time

All transactions are limited under 0.5% of total supply to mitigate price volatility. Due to the initial burn of 37.5% total supply, MContent is hyper deflationary in nature as the 1% reflections occur with every transition. The backbone of the tokenomics is the CCF as this is what grows the scale of MContent over time.

4) How does MContent work for creators or content producers? How much is shared to the creators?

There is an automated collection of funds for the CCF which is allocated to content creators. Content creators receive an upfront production margin of 15-20 percent on every fully funded project that is sourced to them by MContent. In addition, the content creators also make a dedicated royalty percentage on their content for as long as it builds sustainable revenues for MContent.

5) Who will decide which content creators get the fundings?

The allocation of funds is a collective decision of our community of investors and our global mentors committee. The final decision rests with the global content mentors who have earned their reputation within the space and will be assigned by the community to select the content creators for the purpose of funding. The first seeding online reality show for MContent is planned for next week where our global mentors will select and fund the first two successful seed applicants of MContent.

6) Marketing is key to all projects. What is your marketing plan for the next 6 months?

MContent has had aggressive marketing since its launch which included billboards, leading publication PR articles and prominent influencer partnerships across the globe. The focus of MContent remains on promoting and marketing the use case & its real-life achievement and MContent has never been focused on promoting the token itself. As seen in our first MOriginal we have a strong marketing campaign for our content projects coupled with the participation of some of the biggest global names. In the next six months, we will focus our marketing efforts around some of the biggest tokenised content projects that are being launched by MContent including the sequence to our first documentary film, a global comedy web series, a commercial film and the world’s first crypto-related high end animated web series. While the holding company of MContent in Dubai is about to complete a successful seed round which has been participated in by leading global VC and Private Equity firms – the marketing efforts will focus on bringing these real-life achievements to the World and positioning MContent at the top of the global blockchain landscape.

7) How do you make money apart from the tokenomics?

MContent makes money through syndication of content including upstream syndication, through monetization and consumption of content and also through sales of exclusive content NFTs. In the future other sources of monetization for MContent include in-app and in-platform advertising, google ads and global content trading.

8) Tell us about your Beta Version App. What is the current version about and what do we expect in the next version?

The current version of the app – labelled as the beta version is a showcase for one of the business lines (MSeeds) where content creators have an opportunity to apply for the seed funds by submitting their video elevator pitch. This beta version is accessible to all community members and mentors who can in turn for their favourite content creator applicants.

The full platform (launching Dec 2021) is an advanced platform that is integrated with blockchain and provides the following additional features:

– Live content creator ranking capability to all users/token holders
– Wallet Connect/blockchain integration
– Monetization in crypto for content creators against views
– Monetization in crypto for viewers against consumption
– M Browse capability – OTT platform
– Content Trading Market place including NFT capability
– MWork section providing co-creation capabilities to all registered content professionals

9) EL SALVADOR VS. THE WORLD BANK, the first MOriginal Will premiere in September. Tell us more about the story line and where will it be distributed and aired?

First MOriginals Documentary Premiering very very soon – currently in edit “El Savador vs World Bank” being produced by one of the biggest production houses in the world is a story of the Bitcoin revolution in El Savador which also covers the opposing views and the ongoing battle. Official trailer released this weekend.

The MOriginal documentary film on El Salvador vs World Bank is due to be released in September 2021. This is an ideal time for the documentary as Bitcoin is due to become the legal tender in El Salvador on the 7th of September.

Whereas we are yet to disclose everyone who is featuring for the sake of non-disclosure agreements but the important personalities that we are in a position to announce include:

Bitboy – Ben Armstrong – Biggest Youtuber in Crypto
Peter McCormmack – Biggest Crypto Podcast Host in the World
President of El Salvador
Bitcoin Beach Boys
Joe Stumpf – bringer of internet in El Savador

10) Please share an inspiring quote for the community.

The most powerful and disruptive business ideas in the World are those that have the potential to positively change lives on a global scale while giving positive ROIs to the stakeholders.


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