Quick Chat with Wendy O “Altcoins are extremely important for crypto”

blockcast wendy o
blockcast wendy o

 803 total views Good morning everyone. Crypto influencer, Wendy O is with us in this weekly segment. She is more 55,000 followers on Twitter and definitely not a stranger to the crypto community. 

Hi Wendy, my name is Jenny Zheng, cofounder of media group, can you tell us more about yourself before crypto and blockchain?

Wendy: Good to meet you Jenny. Prior to being full-time crypto I worked for the largest nonprofit infectious disease facility globally and I managed pharmacy services for 200 plus patients monthly. Please share with us more about your work for the crypto space?

Wendy: I do different things in the space. I have a marketing and business development consultancy, I trade part-time and have a YouTube channel I discuss daily crypto and provide Bitcoin market updates as well as altcoin requests. We see that you are actively promoting some of the altcoins. Who is the rising star in your humble opinion?

Wendy: My two favourite project currently are LID and CRO. Do you think altcoins are important pillars of the market? If yes, why? If no, why too?

Wendy: Altcoins are extremely important for crypto. Folks that don’t understand how to trade or invest in them generally FUD them. But realistically, Bitcoin is a great store of value but is not practical for daily use and I think a few coins can accommodate that for the average person along with their robust platforms. How do you see the adoption for crypto in 2020? Is it still a tough thing for businesses to enter? Is it still difficult for consumers to understand?

Wendy: We are nowhere near adoption. I grew up in the lower middle class and that demographic is not interested in crypto currently. We are just focused on surviving. The crypto market is quite volatile, especially for the past few months. Why do you think it is so? And do you think it will stabilized?

Wendy: Crypto will always be volatile and that’s enticing for traders, I’m hoping once Bitcoin hits a specific value that its market will be less volatile, altcoins will not follow, they have a different market. Blockchain adoption has improved a lot since, what else is missing or can be improved on?

Wendy: User experience is crucial and It will be another generation once things feel safe for folks to enter. What is your happiest and saddest moment in crypto?

Wendy: My happiest moment is hosting free meetups in crypto, I have organized and coordinated over 4 dozen, being able to connect people make me happy. The saddest part of crypto is the hateful comments I receive, bullying and targeting someone as a marketing tactic is never ok. Do you have anything else to share with our readers?

Wendy: I would like to end this by encouraging the reader to learn how to trade and to take profit aggressively when trading alts. The space is still young, and your favourite coin may not survive. Share an inspiring quote before we end our interview, please.

Wendy: “Be kind and put yourself in someone elses shoes before making an assumption” Thanks, Wendy for your time. Visit us at for more interview segments. 


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