Interview with Adrianna Mendez, CEO of Cypherglass “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso

blockcast adrianna mendez eos
blockcast adrianna mendez eos

 2,268 total views Thanks, Adrianna for accepting the interview. My name is Melody, welcome to our weekly segment where we talk to experts like yourself to share your experiences. Can you tell us about yourself, your education and career background?

Adrianna: Thank you for inviting me as a guest, I’m happy to share my story. I’m from San Antonio, TX. I attended UT—San Antonio and received my BA—Psychology in 2012. I continued to study consumer psychology online at Kaplan University, graduating with my MS—I/O Psychology In 2015.

My background is mostly in B2B sales, lead generation, business development and marketing. In 2014 a coworker shared their bitcoin knowledge and I was hooked. I helped grow the San Antonio Crypto Network and cofounded the Bitcoin Beginner Box, a cryptocurrency starter kit.

In 2018 I was approached by a hiring agency about joining Cypherglass, an EOS Block Producer, as a partner and community manger. After working with Rob Finch for 2 years, I took over Cypherglass as CEO December of 2019. It’s been an amazing ride. Tell us more about Cypherglass. What is your core mission?

Adrianna: Cypherglass is an independent blockchain infrastructure company. We design, build, and maintain node infrastructure for the world’s leading blockchains, like EOS, WAX and the DAPP Network. Our mission is to increase adoption of decentralized blockchain technologies and help enable a more distributed world. Understand from your profile that you are a strong supporter of So are some of my core team members. Why EOS?

Adrianna: EOS is the only public blockchain network ready to scale enterprise level applications in my opinion. The EOS Network does not struggle with transaction fees. While in some cases I understand fees are preferred or necessary, it seems to be a road block for scaling dapps with many users.

EOSIO works, it’s just that simple. This blockchain platform has the features needed by developers to build highly customizable tools for a wide range of clients. Wether you need a public network with more decentralization, or a private network with more control and privacy, it’s all buildable with EOSIO.

Developers are comfortable using EOSIO because it uses familiar programming languages and processes. does a great job keeping the software updated and development moving quickly. Those are good points but what some of the areas EOS needs to improve?

Adrianna: EOS has a perception issue. There is very little information being shared outside of our own community. It’s our responsibility to break down the walls between communities to help the networks overall progress.

The EOS Network itself is struggling with identity. Although many projects have launched, it’s my opinion the network isn’t being used to it’s full advantage yet. There are quite a number of grievances in the crypto community, stating that EOS is not doing too much, not much marketing and developments. Do you agree? Please share some insights.

Adrianna: I strongly disagree as EOSIO has reached 2.0 in 2 years and continues to push optimization boundaries daily. I believe EOS is judged harshly because of it’s consensus mechanism dPOS or Delegated proof-of-stake. The complaint of Chinese cartels on the EOS network is all optics as decentralization is all comparative on a spectrum. More than 2/3 of all Ethereum’s hashrate comes from China and concentrated in a handful of pools, and is not judged as harshly even though they struggle with scaling issues EOS does not face.

  • ETH miner pool metrics:
    Sparkpool (26.5%) (8.9%)
    f2pool (8.5%)
    Nanopool (5.5%)
    UUPool (4.1%)
    Babel Pool (3.2%)
    + many more Voice is a new project by EOS. We did not have a chance to trial it as it is not available in our region. What are your views on Voice and how will this make a difference in the social media market?

Adrianna: Voice is a project funded by’s EOS VC. The EOS Network is not managed by anyone other than the elected 21 block producers.

I believe Voice offers a great value proposition to journalist, writers, bloggers and even other social media networks. Content timestamped on a blockchain will be much more trustworthy than the advertising we currently see on social platforms like Facebook. In general, which are the top 5 cryptocurrencies in your own opinion?

Adrianna: I do hold all of these tokens, and I am not a financial advisor.

Bitcoin has been able to address the blockchain governance issue elegantly. I believe bitcoin is digital gold, and will serve as the backing of major financial products to come. EOS has my full support as a smart contract platform. WAX is doing very interesting NFT partnerships and introducing a new way to do business on the blockchain. EOSDT and VIG are both great EOSIO based tokens with a lot of promise as a stable coin and defi project. Do you think any altcoins can potentially challenge Bitcoin’s leading position?

Adrianna: Absolutely not. I think bitcoin has secured it’s place as the number one held cryptocurrency as it will likely be the only one of its kind. What are some of the best use cases of blockchain technology? Is there any industry that is so suited for this technology but is neglected?

Adrianna: The best use cases of blockchain technology are endless in my opinion. Anything from banking remittances, supply chains, accounting, to even marketing data can be improved by blockchain databasing. Private blockchain cloud hosting has already exploded with Hyperledger and other large corporate products. The public blockchain arena is still interesting and believe EOS has huge potential to be one of the first mass used public blockchain networks. Lastly, can you share with us an inspiring quote that related to you most?

Adrianna: “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso Glad to have this great chat with you. We know more about EOS through what you have shared.


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