Interviews Dave Broomfield, Community Manager of Vision Crypto App “We All Share The Same Vision.”


 1,284 total views Good morning everyone. This is our weekly interview session again. My name is Jenny Zheng, cofounder of Today let’s interview Dave Broomfield from UK. 

Hi Dave, tell us more about yourself. What do you do during your free time?

Dave: Hi I’m Dave, I’m a part of the Vision Crypto App team, I’m from the UK and I’ve been into crypto since 2013 and I’m really in support of blockchain and how it can improve so many aspects of our lives. Even in free time, I like to read about technology and the advancements being made are mind-blowing. I also like to learn about different cultures and find it fascinating how similar but at the same time how different everyone is. Can you share with us your project Vision? What is the unique selling points and what are you trying to solve? Do you think crypto wallets are safe? Why is Vision safe?

Dave: Vision is our new app available for iOS and Android and is what we put all of our time into. There are many features in Vision which could eliminate the need for users to have multiple apps installed. It has a portfolio manager which lets users manage their investments in many ways including syncing with exchanges and existing wallets.
The integrated multichain wallet eliminates the need for numerous wallets and private keys, only one mnemonic phrase is used for all wallets.

The assets swap feature eliminates the need to sign up to multiple exchanges to get the asset you want.

The market overview means a user doesn’t have to leave the app to check market cap rankings, they can get detailed information on every asset and also set favourites to monitor and set price notifications.

There is a news feed included so users can keep up-to-date with the latest goings on with blockchain, bitcoin and altcoins.

As for wallets being safe, I think they are as long as a couple of conditions are met, firstly the team behind them should be contactable to help the end user and the user themselves need to understand that the mnemonic phrase or private key is their responsibility and they should never share it with anyone, I always liken it to your credit card pin, you would never give that to anyone so treat your private key the same way.

As mentioned earlier Vision only requires one mnemonic phrase to manage all of your wallets which reduces the need for tens of keys being stored and reduces the risk of misplacing keys. We have absolutely no access to anyone’s mnemonic phrase so users are in complete control of their own finances. Do you only believe only in Tron? It seems like you are a Tron die-hard fan? Care to tell us more about Tron and how did you start with Tron?

Dave: I started research into TRON while it was still an erc20 token and got much more involved when I joined the team. I sent the team a message asking if they would like help with social media and engaging with the community and they took me onboard that same day.

I think TRON can achieve great things and has a great community behind it which in my opinion is key for any project. I wouldn’t say I only believe in TRON I believe in blockchain as a whole and want everyone to achieve great things. What do you think the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Dave: The future is very promising, I’ve got to know a lot of people in the industry and there are a lot of highly skilled developers building real world solutions. I’m noticing a lot more users entering the cryptocurrency space from “less advanced” countries where many of the population don’t have bank accounts so there is so much potential there for sure. Do you think Bitcoin’s price is going up again soon? What do you think the price will be in Dec 2020?

Dave: I’m not a person who would predict the price of Bitcoin as it really depends on so many factors but one thing we have learned over the past months is that Bitcoin can stand up to the toughest of challenges. Name three altcoins that you believe and why do you believe in them. Yes you can name Tron again :>

Dave: It’s tough to choose just 3 because there are so many great projects. I do like what are doing they are bringing many new users into the space making investing as easy as possible. Chiliz are my second choice they are doing something which actually gives a voice to sports fans and have already partnered with some top sports teams. Of course, thirdly TRON is heading in many directions with DApps, BitTorrent, DLive and now DeFi. What is your happiest moment in Crypto?

Dave: My happiest moment is still ongoing, just being apart of a great team with a passion for building and bringing communities together.

We see a lot of arguments in the crypto community like X coin is better than Y & Z coin but we believe that when one project succeeds it’s great for crypto as a whole. We should all be encouraging every project to succeed. What is the worst moment in Crypto?

Dave: Personally I haven’t had a “worst moment” in crypto but the worst side of crypto is the division in some projects, the industry is still very young and I believe there’s enough room for everyone to succeed. Please share an inspiring quote for our readers.

Dave: It will have to go back to my earlier comment about how cultures are different but the same.

“We All Share The Same Vision.” To find out more about Vision, download the app at You can also follow Dave at Thank you for your time Dave. 



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